Jun. 10th, 2011 04:27 pm
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I have officially decided to get my bellybutton pierced. (Hopefully I'll be able to get one of the barbells with a gem in it. Dunno if I want a turquoise one or purple, I'll decide between now and then-- which, incidentally, will be after summer's over. I will not lose any swimming time to a new piercing.)

As I was changing out of my pjs this morning, I caught sight of my sunburn-- pretty bad. Nice and pink.
And then I thought, "man, it's a good thing my bikini wasn't more revealing." Like, if it had been one of those ridiculous ones with the thong bottoms? Man, can you imagine having a sunburn on your ass?

I hope I can go to a bonfire soon. Especially if we can manage it on the summer solstice, that would make my life.
(I'm curious about all these pagan religions... I want to learn more. Even their holidays make more sense. A friend and I are starting this "Wiccan study" together soon, so we can learn more about it first.)

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I'm finally done with high school.

I can now apply to CCRI and get my associate's degree. (And mixology license. And then become an apprentice to a tattoo artist/body piercer and get this show on the road.)

No mishaps at Graduation-- no tripping, no broken ankles, and my teacher that I asked to present my diploma gave me a CVS card. Pretty awesome.
(And the two grammas I was able to invite to Graduation gave me $100 and $30, respectively. Also pretty awesome.)

I have new shoooes~
They're black checked Vans. I lurve them. SO COMFY!
these, only black on black. It's not as lame as it sounds.)

I'm also almost 18~
So close I can smell it. (Can't quite taste it yet, that'll take another month or so.)
Yes, I can smell things two months in advance, can't you?
Then I can change my name to something I don't hate (which I've had my heart set on since before I'd made the decision to actually change my name), get a tattoo (which I've wanted for a year or two), get my eyebrow pierced (same as the tattoo) and maybe get my nipples pierced. (Likely.)
Photos will be posted. On a friends-only view, of course.

Oh yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts. Looks like I'll have to buy KHII now~

Looks like my summer vacation is finally beginning.


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