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Ugh. Okay, so, Dissidia feels. Because I have a lot of them and I need to get rid of them somehow. Yes, this is another stupid middle-of-the-night-rant-usually-reserved-for-two-in-the-morning. Don't like it? Don't read it.

But if you intend to, here. )
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Man, they totally changed the format on me.

Anyway, this site is going to change my posts FOREVER. is a site where you can make BB Code or HTML gradients in WHATEVER you type. IT'S AWESOME.

My journal will never be the same.
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The plan was to go to Six Flags with Tayla and Dean (a high school classmate of mine), chill overnight, and go to Sea Star with Tayla for a few hours so she could cover the register. I was super excited about Six Flags; I did tell Tayla that I wasn't keen on staying too long in the water park, and absolutely did not want to go in any pools.

I almost didn't get to go, because I had no money in my wallet and, naturally, Tayla asks me about this, as a second thought, as the bank is closing on Friday. My father pulled out sixty bucks and told me to go to the bank Monday and pay him back then.

Okay. Got my stuff, got picked up, dropped most of my stuff at Tayla's and started off.

First thing that did not go according to plan: I forgot that Tayla had mentioned the possibility of picking up a couple of Dean's friends.
Second thing: said friends were both big dudes. So I was squished like a fucking sardine into the back of a small car with two other people, while Tayla sat in the front, being comfortable. (Sound familiar? Yeah, that was how we got home from FurFright last year when I got so cold I could barely move by the time we got home. Except that time, I was riding bitch. This time I was squashed up against the fucking door.)

Whatever, we got to the park, stiff but mostly unscathed. Fine. Good.

Third thing: we get to the water park and I am treated to a ludicrous amount of PDA by Tayla and Dean. I didn't even know they were together. Had I known that, I would've stayed home because Dean's taste in friends blows and Tayla spends all her time hanging off of whatever boyfriend she has at the time. Found out at the park. Was not impressed.

Fourth thing: we spent all morning in the water park (after I told Tayla I wasn't keen on staying there too long), and Tayla insisted we all go in the wave pool and a swimming pool (after I told her I absolutely did not want to go in any pools). I didn't want to be a spoilsport, so I went in. The wave pool was stupid and I got stared at in the swimming pool, so I left both earlier than anybody else.

So we went back to the car to grab our lunches. By this point I've got so much chlorine in my eyes-- and my contacts-- they're sore. I'd also already gotten sunburnt through the sunblock, but I reapplied it anyway so it didn't get worse. Whatever. We go back into the park, and I tell everybody that the one thing I really wanted to do was go on Bizarro. If we did that I'd be happy.

We go on Batman (because everybody wanted to go on that coaster). One of Dean's friends says, "oh we have to go on Houdini." On the way, he says "wait we have to go on Blizzard River first!" So we do that. It's a raft ride, you and six other people go down this river path, get soaked, move on. Whatever, it felt good at the time. No longer sweating my ass off.

Then we finally found Houdini. It's this mild ride, which could probably have been better done with a DC villain, if you ask me. You go into a room, sit on the benches, the lap bars come down, and they tilt you just enough so your head registers you're tilting, and then they spin the room around you instead so it seems like you're spinning. Trippy, fairly cool, okay.

Now, Dean wanted to get on the road by about eight because he had work in the morning. By this point, it's something like 7:15. Time for one more ride.

"Oh hey! Let's go on the Tomahawk! The line's short, it seats 40 people, it'll be fun."

So the fuck much for Bizarro. The Tomahawk has 40 people seated on a circular platform, which they then swing back and forth. It wasn't any fun until the highest swings. Not worth it.

Then Tayla and Dean say they want noodles. We stop at the Panda Express for dinner. I know that means I'm not gonna be able to have anything for dinner until we get home at best, at all if Tayla's not in a good mood. So I blew the last of my cash-- which, if you remember, wasn't mine in the first place-- and then we head for the car again. And I've sweated sunblock into my eyes by now, so my eyes aren't just sore, they fucking hurt.

Stitch in my side due to eating immediately before walking all that way. Get in the car. One of Dean's friends sits in the front, which leaves the morons in control and us semi-sane people in the back. Tayla's trying to sleep, iPod on, because she has a headache, but they blast the music so fucking loud that not only can she not sleep or hear her iPod, but I get a headache too. Assholes.
And I was also still soaked from Blizzard River. I ask Dean to turn off the AC-- he says it's not on, it's the defroster. I ask if he can turn that off for a little while because I'm freezing. He ignores me.
He also decided before we even started home that he wasn't going to work in the morning anyway. So there was no reason I couldn't've at least gone on Bizarro.

We drop off Dean's loser friends, he drops us at Tayla's, and we go upstairs to go to bed. We commiserate about how bad the ride home was, pull out the extra bed-- don't bother pulling it up, because I give no shits-- and in walks her mom. She started nagging Tayla about something, so Tayla flipped out on her. She backed off and said, fairly calmly, "Tayla, come here."

Tayla flipped out on her again. (I mean, she didn't feel good, but that's no reason to have a tantrum.) I didn't say anything.

We go to bed. Tayla didn't have a good night-- I heard her get up a couple of times, she was sick, blah blah. Then when we're finally up-- and ready to be up-- she says, "okay. Since Dean's not going to work today, we were all planning to go to Raynham Flea Market. Do you wanna go?"

For some reason it did not occur to me to ask when she had supposedly planned this, since she found out he wasn't going to work when we got to her house the night before. Either way, I said, "sure, why not."

She had left my birthday present at Dean's, so when he came to pick us up he brought it.

It was shower gel, deodorant, and body spray. I literally laughed at it because I could not believe she thought on any level that was a gift worth giving.

Get one of the two loser friends from yesterday and start for the flea market. Find out halfway there that it costs a buck to even get into this place. Get leered at and intentionally bumped into the whole time. Walk out-- everybody has stuff except my broke ass. Not worth it on so fucking many levels.

So when I got home, finally, I started telling my mother about my weekend and realise it fucking sucked. I have no idea why I bothered going at all. Tayla thinks she's a good person, and until I actually thought about it I did too. But she's ridiculously inconsiderate, and only invites people anywhere as a second thought. I was texting her about Monster High stuff when she decided, literally on a whim, to invite me to Six Flags.

I really doubt I'm going to FurFright this year. I loved it last year, but if she's bringing her loser boyfriend, I don't want to go. Maybe even if she's going without him. I have to talk to her about this shit.

I hate losing friends, but the more out-of-state friends I make, the more I realise that the ones around here-- with the exception of Caitlin and Kelsey-- really fucking suck. Because the contrast of how I'm treated is fucking incredible. With Tayla, it's like I'm Peter Parker and she's Harry fucking Osborn, because she's pretty well off. She may not be rich, but it sure seems like it to me. I'm just tagging along, and she never considers the cost because she can do it easily, whereas I'm digging out of my bank account to do anything. And the inexpensive things I do with my other friends? They end up being more fun anyway, because they're considerate people for the most part, and far fewer things go wrong.
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There's something somewhat sad about the fact that I feel I need to make this, but there it is. It's gonna be a sticky post, and I'll add to it as I go. Hopefully.

1) Got up the figurative balls to quit my job when the conditions became unhealthy, even though my family were all telling me I should suck it up because I need the money.
2) Figured out my first steps toward going into Forensic Anthropology (likely a double major of Forensics and Anthropology, but that comes later). Changed my mind shortly thereafter; hoping to double-major in Psych and Bio or Chem, minor in Forensics (non-negotiable). Forensics is not a major; it is a minor. (So technically more steps figured out anyway.) Changed my mind again because I suck at Chemistry. Going with my fallback (which was only a fallback because it's an uncertain path) which is working with animals. Figured that out too.
3) Got a job as a groomer at PetCo~♥
4) Stopped going to the therapist that told me I had to buzz my hair and get rid of my jewelery to be a guy.
5) Found a decent one to replace her.
6) Mostly averted world War III (between my mother, my father, my sister, and my aunt)... or at least managed to be Switzerland.
7) Learning to draw different kinds of animals.
8) Figured out my 'sonas and a few other furry characters.
9) Improving my sculpting.
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I can't right now.

Erebus is back and my muses are hiding and I'm just falling into a pit.

I know I've done some useful things lately-- I know the first few steps on my college path, I've signed up for this semester's classes, I have a possible therapist to call, I have new friends, I have a new mini-laptop from Kelsey (on which I am typing)... and I'm still in a fucking pit.

This is just my head, too. Nothing to do with my body.
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I said nothing during dinner.

My mother spent dinner talking about this student she saw today, who was a Pocasset kid, blah blah. And how she was talking to his mom, whose daughter is driving, and looking for a job. And rather obviously being frustrated about my driving record (weather conditions; asshole two cars ahead on the highway; t-boned), and my lack of job, and signing furiously. Now, that last bit? My father doesn't sign. I'm almost positive it was meant for me, because while I don't understand all of what she signs, I know she signed something about cars and idiots. Immediately after talking about one's kids driving. What am I supposed to get from that?

My mother is usually the reasonable one. My father spends half of every conversation I have with him yelling at me, and he's hit me more than once, though never within a couple of years of each other, so my mother thinks it's tolerable.
Now she's just being passive-aggressive about the fact that a) I've had a few accidents, none of which were my fault, and b) no matter how many applications I seem to submit, nobody calls me back.

And they wonder why Ashley hasn't been home all weekend. And they wonder why I try to be out whenever they're home.

You know, though, Ash's never exactly been their favourite; but now I'm being constantly compared to her. She's had jobs most of the time since high school. She's never had a car accident. She's never totalled a car. I swear the only thing they're leaving out is that she's out all the time, because they don't want to deal with either of us, but certainly aren't going to say that to our faces.

I need to go somewhere. I'll post the rest of this later; this was tonight.
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That was pretty much my most coherent thought process for a couple of hours after we got home. If you've seen the flick, you know why. And then my brain decided to hit me with THINKS and FEELS. Mostly about Loki.

Have some feels. )

This is just becoming a stupid 2am rant, so I think I'll cut it short here and actually do something productive.


May. 14th, 2012 05:16 pm
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So, you know how every so once in a while, something happens, or somebody says something, and it doesn't seem to mean anything to them, but it rubs you the wrong way in such a manner that makes you want to scream?


I'm there.

I'll post about this once it makes sense in my head-- or at least once I talk to my aunt. Let's just put it this way: things don't look good.


Apr. 29th, 2012 01:07 am
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I just came out to my parents as trans a couple of hours ago. (I spent the last two hours changing my online profiles.)
I was gonna use Sherlock Holmes as a segue; specifically the theories that he was a female living as a man, or a FtM transsexual (depending largely on which adaptation you subscribe to), and that Irene Adler was a male living as a woman, or a MtF transsexual (same limitation). My sister said she thought it was a bad idea, and our parents might think that was why I wanted to be a dude. As stupid as it is, that’s exactly the kind of thing they would think, so I didn’t use Sherlock.
I segued in using my voice. (For a few months, I was talking in a British accent exclusively, but in my normal voice pitch; for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using my normal accent, with a lower voice pitch. Both changes are because I hate my voice. Just when I was about to say “and this is why I hate my voice”, my mother asked me.)
It went well. Certainly much better than I expected. My parents were very accepting-- especially my mum-- and they’ve voiced some support.
So as of right now, I feel awesome.
On the other hand, I hate that I did all that research for nothing, so have some theories about chromosomally-female!Sherlock and chromosomally-male!Irene.
  • his apparent PMS
  • his disinterest in the ladies (obviously inconclusive; not my evidence)
  • outright distrust of women, possibly because he wouldn’t “pass” for a man to another chromosomal female
  • in The Hound of the Baskervilles, after a few days of camping, Watson is struck by Holmes’ lack of facial hair
  • Holmes is often described as being tall, slender, and having narrow fingers (all traditionally feminine characteristics)
  • he has no basic knowledge of a Victorian gentleman, but is versed in the arts (which would be taught to any well-to-do young woman of that era, as the rest would be useless to a future wife)
  • there were few opportunities for women at that time; he may have been doing it to gain those opportunities
  • while he was a successful boxing prizefighter, there is no reason that the unorthodox Holmes wouldn’t have broken the usual rules and worn a shirt, or for that matter, falsified injuries and bound his chest with that excuse
  • she’s a contralto (which is the lowest female vocal range)
  • this would explain the King’s anxiousness; while an affair with a woman would hardly bring down a country, a doctor or an ex-lover saying the wrong thing would “out” him as having an affair with “a man in a dress”
  • a personal note: this would also explain how she fooled Holmes so easily; her ability to disguise crossed gender barriers to the point where Holmes not only failed to recognise her visually, but also her voice when she went by and called his name (“now who the deuce could that have been?”)
  • I feel better now. I may eventually give my parents all that, but not before coming out, haha.
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In Psychology, we’ve just been going over the human tendency to conform (and, generally, not to help others).
Every time I hear this debate, all I think of is one specific time in high school. I was juuust shy of being late for my Anatomy class, and a girl (who I knew, but didn’t like very much) was walking in the opposite direction, crying hysterically. My Anatomy teacher was standing in her doorway, waiting for me. I stopped to talk to Crying Girl. She was very upset over something her teacher had said. I knew the man; he wasn’t rude, but could be a little insensitive, so I talked her down a little bit, and advised her to go to the ladies’ room and wash her face, take a few deep breaths, that sort of thing. She was calmer when she walked away, and I was late, but felt pretty damn good.
To make it better? When I walked into Anatomy, now a full three minutes late, my teacher nodded at me and told me to go sit down (without an explanation) because she’d seen what happened.
I was walking on air for the rest of the day, just because I’d calmed Crying Girl down a little bit. I’m not a people person, really, but I do love helping people.

Well now.

Apr. 12th, 2012 02:01 pm
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Unusual for me to go an entire month without posting anything, but nothing I regard as important has happened. I've been watching Star Trek in my spare time (of which I have plenty); I've been going to my college two days a week; I've made a couple of new characters (one of which is T'Roma, a Vulcan, and the other of which is an incomplete, unnamed shapeshifting character); and one of the boys from my college decided to give me his N64 (and nine games), simply because he doesn't use it.

Oh yes. It seems that my MBTI test result is slightly flexible; every time I take one specific test, I get INTJ, whereas another similar test always gives me ISTJ. Not a big difference, and I do tend to rely more on sensation rather than intuition. Obviously, if I'm sure I'm right, I "go with my gut", as it were, but that isn't a common experience for me. Generally I focus on facts.
(I think I'll go take that first one again, just to see what it says this time.)
EDIT: I re-took the first one; it seems my sensing-vs-intuition must be what mood I'm in or something. I just got both answers by tweaking one question, about which I was already on the fence. So, depending on my mood, I'm INTJ or ISTJ. Intriguing.

There's a Frankie Stein doll that's supposed to come out tomorrow. She's $4.13, in honour of Friday the 13th of April. I found out about this a few weeks ago; however, I misunderstood the dates. I thought she would be sold from 1 April to 13 April, rather than coming out on 13 April. When Tayla and I went shopping the other day, though, she found several, so we each have one. (She also bought one to alter, and make into her own character, Star. I've got to find a Cleo or Ghoulia doll to do mine.)

Thankfully, watching so much Star Trek in my spare time leaves me little time to get bored.

Unfortunately, my insomnia is the same (and worse, at times). It's a good thing Vulcans only need a few hours of sleep per night.
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But to everybody, really. Take this as a chance, an excuse, an extra reason to celebrate the women in your life.

All the rest is "personal", so I'm putting it under a cut so you don't have to read it.

Read more... )
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I have never wanted a mate more than right now.
I'm not a very relationship-oriented being. In fact, I only really have two RL friends. Other than that it's all on-line friends (and a few that I met IRL and then found on-line to keep in touch and for convenience's sake). I only really see myself being with one person romantically-- one of those two RL friends, in fact-- but there's no way she's interested in that any more; we've been there and done that and I think she's done with it.
Problem is, I'm always bored and if I had a mate-- or even just a flatmate, but a mate especially-- I'd be that much better off.
And I don't just mean a girlfriend. Had those. They never last. I mean a mate, meaning one that will last. One that will like my piercings, tolerate my oddities, and not be too demanding sexually. (That's not to say I want to be dominant. That's only to say that I connect with emotional and mental intimacy. Sexual intimacy is an extra, and honestly it's one I could do without.)
And now I sound whiny. [/headdesk]

TL;DR: I need to stop whinging and actually maybe go on a date. [/cringes]
But that requires me to know how to find one... sigh.
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When did I become such a girlie-girl? Really, I just went to the ladies' room on break specifically to refresh my lip gloss (which I seldom wear) not because my lips were getting dry, but because it didn't look as good as this morning.

I think this scares me a little bit. No idea why. (I should not be embarrassed by this. BUT I SO AM.)

Also, unrelated whine: waaah I miss my hair :<

I want to learn how to do a French twist. I cannot do this with ridiculously short hair (or even moderately short hair, but that is not what I have).

And I want an Irene.

PS: for those of you who do not yet know, I may end up in Boston for my next semester (and so on) of college. Because I can't do my intended major (forensic anthropology) in this state. What the hell, RI.

Oh yeah, and I found a Nefera doll yesterday, totally by coincidence! I randomly decided to stop in Wal-mart and K-mart when Tayla stopped at BK for dinner, and there were two Nefera dolls at K-mart.
Let me just say, the size difference is really odd. Besides that, they should have changed the size of the bloody doll stand to match the doll. But no, Nefera's stand is the same as all the other dolls, which are a good centimetre or two smaller and made in a less muscular-looking fashion. Therefore, my Nefera doll has to stand up specifically by leaning the stand against the side of my shelf. Really, Mattel, use your heads.

On the subject of Monster High, Tayla's been comparing me to Clawdeen for ages... and finally gave up on it and admitted I'm more like Cleo XD
Because while I am pretty loyal to my friends, I often come off as (and sometimes am) the Queen Bitch. It's useful; I effortlessly repel idiots and therefore don't often have to talk to stupid people ;D
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I'm pretty sure that yesterday I got Valentine-rejected for life (even though we've already said we'll be each other's Valentines forever).

Seriously. Ever gotten those mixed signals that say "love" one moment and "not romance" the next? It's really frustrating. And you don't want them to know you're upset, but at the same time, you want them to notice. But, inevitably, they don't. And you know you won't say anything.

So while my Valentine is getting her gift today-- or the next time I see her, anyway-- I don't think it means the same thing to her that it means to me.

Valentine's Day sucks.

Especially when, as you're trying to distract yourself from how restless you are and how much you want to get out and do something, your entire Tumblr dashboard is covered in Valentine's Day shit.

And you keep thinking about the package in your Jeep which contains a Valentine's Day gift and a cosplay prop//gift to your own damn self. And if you can see her today.

And sad and heavy things, and depressing and disturbing things, and things you really shouldn't be thinking about.

The Imp is back.

(Oh, I should probably explain him.)
There's this face I keep seeing in my dreams and my daydreams, and he has dark circles around his eyes as if he never sleeps. His teeth are big, numerous, and pointy; they look like shark's teeth. Oh, and he has no nose. (Or at least, a nose like Voldemort's: flat and snakelike.) I think it's the manifestation of my boredom, because he shows up the most when I'm bored, when my muse Ailill is quiet. (Occasionally it's accompanied by Ailill being stuck in a cage of some sort.)
Either way, when he's around, my muse is silent (or crying in a corner) and nothing creative gets done. So as bored as I am, I can't even draw or write it out.

This is generally when I end up zoning or doing stupid semi-reckless things. Or watching Doctor Who if I have an internet connection that can handle it (which, at the moment, I don't).

So here I rant and rave and curse at the Imp (who needs a name; the only reason I'm calling him the Imp is because that's what my mother called him when I drew him).

My sleep schedule has been bloody stupid lately. I read in a Yahoo featured article today, "Surprisingly, for chronic insomniacs going to bed later and getting up earlier can do the trick. If you’re lying in bed for eight hours but only sleeping for five, try going to bed at 1am and getting up at 6am. It’s tough, say the experts, but after a week or two you should find yourself nodding off in a trice. After that, go to bed 15 minutes’ earlier each week, slowly building up to the length of sleep your body actually needs."
Okay, I've tried that. Repeatedly. My body just will not sleep. I spent the entire night Sunday (and into Monday) trying to sleep, and realised I'd failed when my mother called at eight to wake me, because we were going to drop my car off at the shop, and I was still awake.

And my appetite's been off too. It sucks usually, but lately it's been non-existent. I eat anyway, because otherwise my parents will think I'm anorexic, but I'm still losing weight, and I forget to eat sometimes. A lot, actually; some days I only end up eating dinner because I've forgotten to eat all day, or because I'm so focussed on something else that I don't want to eat.

I hope I can at least visit my Valentine today, because otherwise I have the feeling I'm going to do something stupid, and she'd kill me for that.


Feb. 10th, 2012 03:24 pm
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...really )
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I know, I know. I used to post more frequently. In fact, for a while there, I was posting every time I didn't sleep. Lately I've been watching Doctor Who instead.

I've seen a bunch of episodes out of order on BBC America, and I decided recently to watch them in order from the beginning of the reboot. Watched all of Nine, and I've just started series 3, and I'm hearing all the Saxon references...
Let me backtrack a little. I've seen End of Time, so I know who the Master is. I did not realise he comes up in series 3 and series 4. He scares the hell out of me >_>;;

And, worse, I've heard he's worse in the series 3 finale than in 4's finale. Most of the fandom is frightened of the Weeping Angels and the Silence; I have no doubt I'll be scared of them too when I get there, but man, no way are they going to be worse than the Master.

As I posted on my Tumblr, "All of you who think that John Simm is gorgeous...
I don’t totally disagree (he is, at least, attractive)...
But the Master is just too scary."

In other news, I'm pretty sure this song is the Doctor's theme song.


Jan. 29th, 2012 03:15 pm
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I've found myself zoning an awful lot lately. It's a little disconcerting, when I can start thinking about something and then look up at the clock and it's fifteen minutes-- or more-- later. Did it for an hour this morning.

Tell you what, though, if it's that or these headaches, I'll take the zoning.

My sensitive ears cause a lot of headaches in the first place. The traffic in my head causes headaches sometimes. Sometimes the internal traffic and external auditory input mix into this awful cacophony and I get a migraine instead. (Or sometimes it's my neck and back, because those are screwed up anyway and my chiropractor is all but useless. So add that for another possible factor.)

It's bad when I can't even watch telly with my parents because their ears are slightly worse than average and they turn the TV up to where they can hear it well, which starts a headache for me. Unless it's Jeopardy, I have to constantly ask them to turn it down. For the same reason, unlike most young and young-ish and young-at-heart people, I don't listen to my music very loud. In fact, the music I play the loudest is classical piano, because it's naturally quiet. Yep, and I'm nineteen. Judge me, I dare you.

As I type, my parents are talking to each other. Normal tones of voice. I'm hearing them through my headphones, over my (rather quiet) music, and their voices are hurting my ears. And dammit, I've just taken an Excedrin.

Oh, and my boredom? Still there. Also causes headaches. This is getting ridiculous.

I swear there is something wrong with me.
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Got into a car accident yesterday; yet another one that was not my fault.

Difference is, while my best friend and passenger and I were both fine, this time the car was not. Shiro's done for. The entire driver's side behind the door is absolutely crushed in; the windows exploded into the seats; it was nasty behind us, but nothing happened to us but some fright and sore backs.

Pulled out into a T intersection because I had room-- and then a truck came out of nowhere and T-boned us.

This is my third accident wherein I drove. I've been driving just over a year. Sometimes I swear I just shouldn't drive.
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Well, I was going to blog the night before last, which was my last sleepless night... but livejournal didn't work all night. Consistently.

Hoping tonight's different, because my brain's in hyperdrive and I know I won't be sleeping. Which isn't good, because this is only one night of sleep in between these two, but I can't really control this. I also know I'm going to be doing things all night, because that final episode of Sherlock is gonna keep me going (creatively, at least) for days.

I've also got an "experience" I've got to get down on proverbial paper, because I just need to get it out, but that's for later.

If I were a smoker, this would be a time when I would probably be doing so. (Not sure exactly where that came from, but it's the truth.)

PS: Debating making a tumblr. No idea who'd follow it though. I know a few I'd follow though. I've got probably six tabs' worth of h3rring open right now anyway... [/totally not stalking Texts!Sherlock]
I'll figure it out. Have to figure out how to make it not-boring.


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