Sep. 13th, 2010 03:17 am
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Ohh man~

So okay. Start Friday.
Ash is here when I wake up. I expected that because of her flat tire; our neighbor//my godfather is a mechanic. So I talk to her for a little while. She's slightly miserable, some phlegm & throat thing (which I think I caught). Caitlin's Nana came to pick me up, we went to Cait's and sat for a little while and tried to figure out the bus schedule.
While we were sitting around, my two-thirds full Resident Evil water bottle (of root beer) tips over and leaks all over Cain, my GameBoy Advance SP. (Cain still has my Zelda game in it.) So I freak out, run to the kitchen and paper-towel him off. Turn it on. Okay, he's okaaaaaaa-- why is the screen going white?
So that upset me greatly. Caitlin then kindly offered her own (pink) GameBoy Advance to at least borrow until I beat the game (to which I am fairly close) because she never uses it, and is a nice person. If she doesn't want it back I'll just name it and put it aside, because I found out later that Cain is totally fine. No idea why he suddenly got better, but the screen works now, so no complaints.

I then spent the day walking around Newport with Caitlin. We split sushi for lunch, had Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and window shopped all day before and in between. She didn't kill me with too much religion or too much Evan, which are the only two things I ever really worry about with her.
We browsed at The Music Box, where I found a wig to point out to Yuki for her Grell costume. We browsed kinda everywhere, really, including the antique place... and I realized about halfway through this that all the historically uninteresting things that were still fascinating me were dishes and silverware. So, you know, not only am I a dork, but Sebastian really is a fitting character for me.

The sushi was amazing, in an adorable little sushi joint called Sumo Sushi. Seriously, this place was authentic. Sushi bar-- complete with the little hangy curtain-things-- classical Japanese music-- Japanese decorations-- and the barkeep (owner?) and waitress were both Asian.
And it was bloody cute.

Anyway, so after all this, Mum picked us up, brought us back to Cait's for my stuff//to drop her off. Gather my things, hug, head over to Staples to check out their selection of tablets. They had three: a Wacom touch tablet, a Wacom pen tablet, and one that basically combined both elements. I got the pen tablet for $70. (His name is Sebastian.)

Then I went to Yuki's Saturday afternoon, overnight. I spent the weekend kicking her arse at Super Smash Bros Brawl and loling at Tegaki E posts and showing her stuff from the top bunk. (That was kind of a big deal because she was sitting in a chair next to the bunk bed with Cloud in her lap, and I had Sebastian. I used him to move the cursor and showed her music and stuffs from her sister's bunk. Kind of awesome.)

So yeah, the end of the week was pretty good.

In other news, I finally listened to my sister and looked up some Puscifer. I effing love this song.

And a pair of my friends are trying desperately to get some pink into my wardrobe. I said they can try. (I then inadvertently got a pair of pink-accented undies, but that was totally unintentional; they're cute.)

I do so ♥ Sebastian.
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This is why.

See, as I'm on my way to the library, which is where I am now, Yuki's little sister Heather catches up to me.
"Hey you," I say to her by way of greeting.
"Hey." She asks, "Where you going?"
"Library. Why, where are you supposed to be?"
"Literacy. But I'm late, and she closed the door."
"Ah." I ponder this for a moment. "Come into the library, take out a book, and ask for a pass there."

She did. It worked. The fire alarm rang not a minute later.
I found Tasha on the way out, and prefaced my story with "I am a terrible, terrible influence." 
I spotted Arianne and said, "Hey Ari, I'm a terrible, terrible influence, come listen to why!"
I told them my story and they praised my quick thinking. I then said, "But see, I am a terrible, terrible influence."
Arianne, also thinking quickly, says, "Yes, but on the other side, you're a sage."

Kinda made my day a little.
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I adopted a salamander~

He's adorable. He's about three inches long. He's a spotted salamander; dark brown with little yellow spots down his back.
I named him Ciel.

I found him in the woods with my friend Yuki. I carried him home (and we squeaked about how cute he is). I showed him to Mom and asked, mostly as a joke, "Can I keep him?"
And she said yes. And I decided that I was no longer joking.
So she took me to Wal-Mart and spent $15 on a little one-gallon tank (till he gets a bit bigger) and some food (reptile sticks, fish flakes, and blood worms [the latter two were mentioned in a salamander care site I visited within the first ten minutes of having Ciel home]) and a mist bottle so I can keep the little tank moist.

And he's quite photogenic, too. I've taken probably seven pictures of him, and in about half of them he's looking straight through the plastic wall at the camera.

And I've had a wicked craving for pizza lately, and guess what's for dinner?

I'm in a fabulous mood, thanks for asking~


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