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[Error: unknown template qotd], Sweeney Todd. I listen to it every year when I cook Thanksgiving dinner because I'm sadistic and I like musicals.

On that note...
Saw a friend's "30 facts" list-thing on Facebook and decided to make one. (And then to post it here because I can and I'm weird.)

30 facts )

Also, I really wish mice weren't so cute, so that I could get them out of my stuff and D-Con them without feeling absolutely terrible. I like mice, but dammit, not in my stuff in my room!
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I'd have to say The Wreckoning, by Boomkat. I have the CD single (and the 3 remixes thereon) and I love it. D<

I share everything with my friends, seriously. My friends love me, weirdness, dorkiness, geekiness, and everything else included. Because they're awesome.
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I'd probably say 19th-century England. Now, obviously, that's a random thing, but I see all these romanticized portrayals of the Victorian era, and it just seems so elegant and wonderful. (And then I wouldn't have to worry about such price differences in the clothing I like, dammit.)

...particularly if I could manage to be in high society. It's a rather beautiful picture to paint, and I'd probably detest it if I lived it, but it's a romantic view.

That or feudal Japan, for similar reasons.

I most assuredly would not want to be any time in the future unless I were immortal; I'm terrified of what the human race is doing to our poor planet.

(I must be bored, I've just answered five Writer's Block entries in five songs.)
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I'd go backpacking in Europe and make sure that when the two weeks were up, I was lost somewhere in England.
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It's not a creative pursuit, necessarily, just the concept. Music soothes, excites, provides an outlet, a mood, anything. I am more musical than anything else, I usually find; even if it's not good, I'm quite involved in music. (There's a reason I'm always plugged into my spiPod.)

People don't even enter the equation, I'm afraid; I hate people, and the few that make it into my life aren't as important as my music. If I lost my hearing, I would commit suicide. No lie, no exaggeration. I hate silence, and I can't imagine life without music. It's as simple as that.
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Well now this one's odd, because I have several different answers, depending on the activity.

When I play video games, I want orange soda and potato chips (especially barbecue). That's my Game Fuel. (Or sometimes MtnDew Game Fuel, but not as much.)
When I watch movies/DVDs/whatever I usually want either orange soda or cranberry-grape juice with nachos-- pretzels or chips with cheeeeeeeeeeese.
None of that's changed in a while.

Past that, I don't really have favorites or anything. I just know I shouldn't chew gum because it always makes my jaw hurt. (But I do anyway because I'm dumb.)
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While there are multiple movies that I believe should be on this list, if I had to choose one, it would be The Crow.

(On that subject, I also think Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire, Kingdom of Heaven, Stir of Echoes, and The Last Samurai should be on the list.)
With each of these movies, they're simply amazing and are the type of movie that you just want to rant about after seeing them.
If you've seen them, you know why I mentioned them. If you haven't seen them, you should do so.
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Interesting that this question should come up.
The family traditions haven't really changed any; we just went from my mom's endless supply of bad Christmas CDs to my sister's endless supply of good (or at least funny, if not good) seasonal songs.

This is why Ashley is (and should always be) the holiday MP3J. (And if not, I will be. I'll pro'lly end up using mostly her music, though. I've only got a couple of seasonal/Christmasy songs...)
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I would definitely spend the aforementioned night with my amigovia and my sister. (And possibly Aydan, Tayla, and Kells.)

I would probably want prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes with cranberry-grape juice. (What goes better with prime rib than garlic mashed potatoes?)
Then, of course, I'd want pumpkin pie. And a movie night.

I'd spend all day before that shopping for other people (because I love shopping, but if I'm gonna die I can't enjoy anything for myself, so I'd just buy them shit. Also enjoyable). I'd have a huge pancake breakfast at IHOP, lots of tea and talking and Devil May Cry with Cait (ideally less crying than I know there would be) with much consumption of chips and orange soda ([GAME FUEL]), pizza for lunch, go DDR with friends, shop my feet off, have that nummy dinner(/dessert), then watch The Crow with Ash and Cait.

Yes, The Crow. I'd watch that one because it's somewhat romantic, if you think of it... And besides, I'd want to leave them with some sort of positive note. What kind of note would be better to leave them with than Eric Draven and his story? I mean really. He comes back from the dead to serve justice for himself, and more importantly, his fiancée.
Kind of a "don't cry for me."
Besides... it can't rain all the time.
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Um. I'm the dumb one who has very little fear. I can handle just about any situation, and I've never been put into a situation where there was something to truly fear. (Really, as far as dealing with things, I can honestly say I'm fearless. Which probably means I'm too stupid to be afraid.)
Hell, I've had a knife held to my throat before and I wasn't afraid. (See? Stupid.)

I know my biggest fear is forgetting/being forgotten, but I'm into such extremes, I've been told I'm unforgettable.
(I mean really. I wear blue jeans and white t-shirts one day and bondage pants and black shirts the next, a short skirt and a cami the next, an elegant gothic dress after that. I also went from black to blonde, trying for white, and long to pixie-short.) It's the forgetting I have to worry about.
I'm weird, but it's not all for shock value. I like the extremes.

I also fear loss of loved ones. I mean, if my sister or my best friends ever died, I'd be completely different. I don't know what I'd do.

And I'm terrified of hospitals.

As far as overcoming them, I don't think I ever could. Overcoming those fears would require a great deal of pain, and I'm not a fan of emotional pain. It kind of sucks.

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Anything that can be blasted full-volume at the loudest volume my ears can handle and sung along to. (Such as...)
  • A lot of Gackt.
  • A lot of character songs from Bleach (Do not judge me), especially Ulquiorra and Grimmjow (they're so angry!), Toshiro and Byakuya (pretty *_*), Ishida (no Bleach music-thing is complete without the smoothest of voices), Renji, and Ichigo (the main rivals with some of the most interesting songs).
    • Probably everything loud and in-your-face in a foreign language that I can even remotely sing along to (like Gackt, Rammstein, and Bleach character songs).
  • Lotsa Nine Inch Nails.
  • Voltaire and Killing Miranda (seldom serious, usually sardonic, and always good).
  • Lots of A Perfect Circle (not usually loud and in-your-face like the rest, but very bass-heavy).
  • One word: Evanescence.
  • Pat Benatar.
  • Jack Off Jill.
  • Lots of AFI.
  • Definitely a bunch of Devil May Cry theme music (do not judge).
  • All that crap I have on my spiPod that is so horrible but so addicting and danceable. (Lady Gaga, Tila Tequila, Pussycat Dolls, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Don't Trust Me, Shake, Sexyback, and the like.)
  • My favorites from the Footloose soundtrack: Never, Holding Out for a Hero, I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man), and of course, Footloose.
I'm sure I could come up with much more than this, but I think the list is getting a little long for a Writer's Block response.
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Ooh, a wolf's head. With an extra pair of eyes and really scraggly ears. Like a wolf from Raven's head from the new Teen Titans.
It also looks like it wants to eat me.

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...they did not seriously put Edward Cullen on that list.

do not

*sigh* with that little rant out of my system, I really have no idea as to my answer. I'm rather enamored with Louis de Pointe du Lac, I won't lie, but I love Lestat de Lioncourt's insanity finesse and I think that (were I immortal) we would have entirely too much fun.

I would love to be a vampire... but none of this sparkly preteen girl nonsense. That's what body glitter is for, lovies. If you want to be a sparkly boy, go borrow or buy some body glitter; do not throw your life into Edward Cullen's Coldstone™ stone-cold arms.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not afraid of the dark. The dark is afraid of me.
...Okay no. Sorry. (I couldn't resist.)

As far as it goes, most places that make me feel nervous are specific ones: none of the general places cited bother me, although dark basements do if I've only been down once (or not at all).

There is one place that really bothers me.
There's a deserted junkyard at the end of my street, in which is a wreck of what used to be a house. I'd never been into this junkyard until yesterday, because there's a padlocked chain-link gate.
However, there's also a wooden fence surrounding it, with-- I discovered yesterday-- a hole in it.
There was a lost-dog poster in a couple of places on the street, and I saw the dog, and I followed her to the junkyard. I spotted the hole in the fence and went in.

Now this place is huge, which you'd never know from outside. It's open but for an abandoned smallish warehouse in the middle, the shack at the edge of the lot (complete with tiny overgrown yard), a CAT machine of some sort (didn't look too close), and some giant dirt and gravel piles. I walk in, by the overgrown weeds at the gate and around the lot, past the burnt-looking warehouse, and I look down to see what I'm walking on. For the most part, it's chunky gravel, but half the lot is covered in this odorless, nasty-looking liquid. It looked like motor oil mixed with beer and something else I wasn't sure I wanted to place. I looked up momentarily, and something swished by my face, maybe a bold bird of some sort. The dog was staring at me from across the lot, so I called to her (Lola). She bolted. I knew I wouldn't catch up just yet, so I continued on. Past this building are two mountainous piles of dirt, gravel and rocks. They seem almost to portion off a section of the lot, along with the CAT machine beside them. I walk around the building and see the shack again, and an old truck. It looks like a haunted house. Each and every window is shattered, and the shingles are flaking and falling off. The dog was there again, lurking behind a set of broken-down front steps. I called to her (in Spanish this time) and she paused, about to run. I took another step closer-- still being several yards away-- and she bolted again.

I decided it wasn't worth it and crept back out of that hole in the fence.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Two words: Hells yes.

I believe that if you want to be polygamous/polyamorous, then more power to you: if your partner(s) agree. Don't care who you are, but if all parties involved do not agree, don't do it. If so, okay fine, just leave me out of it.

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Eheheheh.... not intentionally...

I once thought that my sister had read the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (when she hadn't)... So when I mentioned
the end of OotP ), she kinda flipped out. Because one of our favorite characters was affected. So.


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Two of the celebrities I share my birthday with who I find most interesting are James Marsters and Fred Durst. Durst, Limp Bizkit's lead singer rapper, obviously shares my passion for music. Marsters is an actor (I love theatre) who plays my favorite character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer-- Spike! And besides, he's a vampire. Which automagically makes him awesome. He also plays Cap'n Hart from Torchwood (which I'd like to see more of, btw), and my best friend tells me he was in Smallville, although I'm not a big fan of that one.

I also share my birthday with Robert Plant, which would thrill my dad. Not a huge Led Zeppelin fan, though, so I don't really care. (I like "Stairway to Heaven" and that's about it.)

And then there's HP Lovecraft, author. And Leon Trotsky. And John Hiatt. And Joan Allen. Funny story on her-- I realized I recognized the name and face, but I couldn't figure out why. I recognized her from The Crucible, which was filmed twelve years ago. (We watched it in English class and laughed.)


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