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I don't think the traffic has decreased all that much in my head, but at least I'm able to think linearly enough to type more than several sentences, I think. (Good lord, semantic satiation, anybody? Apparently I'm still unable to phrase things properly.)

Anyway, I'm not sure if being able to stay up all night with few to no adverse effects mean that my cold is getting better, or my insomnia worse. I'm very cold, but that has more to do with the lack of heat in my bedroom than anything else. And I'm no more tired than I was several hours ago-- the main reason I didn't sleep, by the way; not that I didn't want to, or even that I couldn't, but that I was legitimately not tired-- and I now have most of a card to show for it. ([ profile] zipzap171 will probably see the finished product tomorrow.)

I've got to scan this card some time today, once I finish it (that is, once I can concentrate again enough to finish it); it's really coming out great. I've got Sherlock on the front, and he looks pretty amazing for a drawing started at about 02:30. I don't have much drawn on the inside yet; I've got a dialogue wall on the inside left, and John waking up at the top of the the inside right, but I haven't finished that yet. He looks a bit less than stellar, but he's not quite as easy to draw for some reason. (I think it's the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has such distinctive features; Martin Freeman has some, like his pointy, turned-up nose, but other than that he's got sort of a plain-ish face. Plain is difficult.)

So I managed to watch the BBC Sherlock Series Two premiere on the BBC site. I was rather nervous, because Irene Adler was in it, and all I'd seen was a very out-of-context, sexualised-looking perspective on her in the previews. Without being too terribly spoilery, I'll just say that Gatiss and Moffat remain in my highest regards. She is not the Irene Adler of Conan Doyle's work, but she's as close as they could really get. Sheer unadulterated brilliance.
And one of the things I'd been wanting to see the most-- Sherlock playing, actually playing the violin, not just sending out notes to annoy Mycroft out of the flat-- happened several times over the course of the episode. And he was composing. I cannot express how happy that made me, and I'm not sure whether it was because I'm a musician, or because I see Sherlock as a very creative and artistic person, or what. I just know that when he was writing, my ribcage may as well have been singing those notes.
We also see into Sherlock's room-- oddly neat. Dunno, with the rest of his things being organised chaos, I expected his bedroom would be more of the same, much like mine. Nope: obsessively clean and organised; no chaos. Though, I suppose that may be partly because I don't have my own space except in my bedroom; he shares a flat with one person and has space. (I also find it oddly adorable that he's got a poster of the Periodic Table on his wall.)
Anyway, it's a bit odd; some of the things I find I have in common with my childhood hero, or at least this portrayal thereof... I've always had ideas about some of the things they revealed in this episode, but I didn't expect to be right about all of it. I love it when I'm right.

(Man, and that's without going into specifics... Imagine what this will be like once they actually release Series Two in America and I don't have to worry so much about spoilers. Or maybe once I watch it again-- or a few more times-- and review the episode. [Big maybe on that one though. Dunno, I haven't really reviewed them thus far except for the differences between the pilot and the aired version of The Study In Pink; I dunno if I'll do this one.])

My aunt and my baby cousin are coming over today. I wonder if I shouldn't get some sleep before then. Though then again, why waste the time if I've got it? Coffee works well with dysania, why shouldn't it work on a preventative basis today? Then I'll sleep twice as well tonight.

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year.
Went out for dinner for my sister's birthday today with the 'rents, my grandmothers, and of course, Ash and her fiancé; discovered that peppercrack peppercorn ranch dressing and a sore throat is a terrible combination; enjoyed the rest of it. And then we came home and had some of the red velvet cake I made for her.

This is almost turning into a stream-of-consciousness ramble. I think it's time to end it.
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I'll be blogging tomorrow when I can think. Right now I have six super highways in my head, as a speech pathologist at my elementary school once put it, all going at once in high, high traffic and only one exit-- my mouth, as she meant it, but not in this case-- in this case, my hands.

I think this will be an all-nighter.

I also think that card I've had conceptualised for ages may finally get done tonight; I just have to migrate myself, my laptop and my drawing things to my room so I can concentrate.

And pyjamas. This skirt is starting to get on my nerves.


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