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Apr. 12th, 2012 02:01 pm
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Unusual for me to go an entire month without posting anything, but nothing I regard as important has happened. I've been watching Star Trek in my spare time (of which I have plenty); I've been going to my college two days a week; I've made a couple of new characters (one of which is T'Roma, a Vulcan, and the other of which is an incomplete, unnamed shapeshifting character); and one of the boys from my college decided to give me his N64 (and nine games), simply because he doesn't use it.

Oh yes. It seems that my MBTI test result is slightly flexible; every time I take one specific test, I get INTJ, whereas another similar test always gives me ISTJ. Not a big difference, and I do tend to rely more on sensation rather than intuition. Obviously, if I'm sure I'm right, I "go with my gut", as it were, but that isn't a common experience for me. Generally I focus on facts.
(I think I'll go take that first one again, just to see what it says this time.)
EDIT: I re-took the first one; it seems my sensing-vs-intuition must be what mood I'm in or something. I just got both answers by tweaking one question, about which I was already on the fence. So, depending on my mood, I'm INTJ or ISTJ. Intriguing.

There's a Frankie Stein doll that's supposed to come out tomorrow. She's $4.13, in honour of Friday the 13th of April. I found out about this a few weeks ago; however, I misunderstood the dates. I thought she would be sold from 1 April to 13 April, rather than coming out on 13 April. When Tayla and I went shopping the other day, though, she found several, so we each have one. (She also bought one to alter, and make into her own character, Star. I've got to find a Cleo or Ghoulia doll to do mine.)

Thankfully, watching so much Star Trek in my spare time leaves me little time to get bored.

Unfortunately, my insomnia is the same (and worse, at times). It's a good thing Vulcans only need a few hours of sleep per night.
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Monster High related, peripherally. )

Oh yes, and my Halloween costume is done. Finally. Looks pretty damn good, actually. Not sure what shoes I'm wearing with it, because Clawdeen Wolf's badass sandal-boot-things are nothing like anything I own that I'd wear in late October. Too cold.

And I finally have a functional phone-- it's not a good phone, but it's functional-- and its name is Vaan. Because I couldn't think of a name for it and I've been playing Final Fantasy XII a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't talk to Paine, my Bluetooth, at all. Not compatible. (I dunno, maybe he's gay.)

And, in other, totally unrelated news, I really feel I need a girlfriend-- partially because I'm sick of being single, but partially also because I'm sick of being the third wheel with my best friend-- whose boyfriend is the reason I had that second car accident in ten days, last week. It's awkward.
Oh, and Monday? Halloween? Yeah, I'll be walking around with those two, and two other friends-- who came to pick us up from Furfright when Bonehead totaled his car-- who also happen to be dating. Can we say fifth wheel? AWKWARD.

oh yeah...

Feb. 1st, 2011 09:39 pm
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...did I mention I made a Barnes & Noble order? No?

Well, I ordered two games from GameStop through them, and a movie. The movie, Stir of Echoes, should be in sometime tomorrow. The games, Final Fantasy X and X-2, have been shipped and should be here... soon.

And as I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts II (borrowed from Tayla) and met Auron, I recognized him as one of Yuna's Guardians from Final Fantasy X, and wondered why in hell Hades called him "the mother of all bad guys"-- and why the mother of all bad guys would be one of Yuna's guardians!

I cannot wait to play this game.

Also, Lulu looks like Lucy Liu. (Sexiest thing to ever walk the planet ♥ Gackt is second only to her.)


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