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So um yeah. Just got back from taking the AccuPlacer placement test at CCRI. According to the advisor, my scores were through the roof, and he'd never seen math scores as high as mine. (Seriously?)

I got put into the highest possible English course, and one of the higher math courses they offer. (And I'm just gonna CLEP my way out of the English anyway... [CLEP is College Level Examination Program; it means I can test out of courses.]) I'm also taking American Sign Language, French I (scheduling conflict), Foundations of Music (not that I need it, but hey, easy credit and I can keep myself occupied), and I wanted a drawing class at the Newport Art Museum but it's already full. Same with the Anatomy class I wanted to take. (The math's full too.)

It figures that the only courses in here that are actually relevant to my career plans are the ones that I can't get into.

And worse yet, I can't get onto the CCRI pipeline. I only know which classes are//are not full because my mom's checking for me on her account. So I can't apply until I go back.

Anyway, the meeting with the advisor went well; he had a great sense of humor, and he called me a "modern day Renaissance Woman", because I'm kind of a jack of all trades as far as my scores go, and music and art and martial arts on top of it. So I pretty much win.

But I may have to go back to Newport so I can get on the damn pipeline and register. Because CCRI's website is spitting back my information and saying NOPE sorry you don't exist.
Stupid intertubes.
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I'm finally done with high school.

I can now apply to CCRI and get my associate's degree. (And mixology license. And then become an apprentice to a tattoo artist/body piercer and get this show on the road.)

No mishaps at Graduation-- no tripping, no broken ankles, and my teacher that I asked to present my diploma gave me a CVS card. Pretty awesome.
(And the two grammas I was able to invite to Graduation gave me $100 and $30, respectively. Also pretty awesome.)

I have new shoooes~
They're black checked Vans. I lurve them. SO COMFY!
these, only black on black. It's not as lame as it sounds.)

I'm also almost 18~
So close I can smell it. (Can't quite taste it yet, that'll take another month or so.)
Yes, I can smell things two months in advance, can't you?
Then I can change my name to something I don't hate (which I've had my heart set on since before I'd made the decision to actually change my name), get a tattoo (which I've wanted for a year or two), get my eyebrow pierced (same as the tattoo) and maybe get my nipples pierced. (Likely.)
Photos will be posted. On a friends-only view, of course.

Oh yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts. Looks like I'll have to buy KHII now~

Looks like my summer vacation is finally beginning.
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Okay, so everybody that took the time to read a couple of entries back knows I want piercings and tattoos.

I've decided I also want to become a tattoo artist and body piercer.
The thing is, I've done some research, and there are basically no classes to take for that. (Mom'll be pissed if I don't at least go to CCRI for a couple of years or something. Not that I don't intend to get my associate's degree.) You do an apprenticeship, usually for two years, you learn all you can, you do your thing from there.

There is one place (in Louisiana) where you can take classes. They insist that the (usually) two-year apprenticeship is unnecessary, that their two-week course on tattooing and three-day course on piercing is enough.
Bullshit, guys. I don't believe that for a second.

So the only place to take actual classes is basically a pompous bullshit school.

So this should be an interesting conversation to have with Mom.


May. 4th, 2010 08:35 am
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Well, here's the deal. My buddy Ari and I hung out yesterday, and she's got what her mom calls a 'destructive spring fever'. Because she spontaneously wants piercings and tattoos and nothing terribly good for you, though not, in my opinion, necessarily destructive.

Um. 'Kay. I'm getting a tattoo when I turn 18, I'm getting piercings, and I'm changing my name. As soon as I have the cash.
  1. I will be Bianca Eva Strife.
  2. I will be getting a lily of the valley tattooed on the left side of my chest.
  3. I will be getting my left eyebrow pierced.
  4. I might get my lip pierced (if so, it'll be off to the right side. One snakebite).
  5. I intend to get more tattoos after this, including a friendship one with all my most important friends (or at least tattoos that represent them).
  6. I might get my nipples pierced. (EDIT: I've made up my mind, I'm getting them done.)
Arianne's plans?
  1. Cleavage piercing.
  2. Tattoos.
  3. Maybe a lip piercing.
So no, Mrs Telles, I don't think her 'spring fever' is destructive, though it is (mostly) somewhat spontaneous.

And even though my mood is rather quixotic, I'm totally serious about this.

I'm shocked I could fit both those songs in the music box. (The second one means "On My Pride as a Quincy!")


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