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Okay. I've decided that the names "Cain" (for my SP) and "Sebastian" (for my tablet) don't fit. Mostly because, you know, Cain is far too delicate for the hearty little box that shares his name, and Sebastian is much more versatile than my lovely little tablet (who has been PMSing, which a male demon butler would not do). Besides, they're from the Victorian era, and my electronics are certainly not.

So the SP is now Sephiroth, and the tablet Tifa (to also fit the naming theme I have).


Cloud = laptop.
Denzel = laptop fan (puns fully intended).

Tifa = tablet.
Yuffie = 8 GB flash drive.

Xemnas = old dead headphones.
Axel = old dead cell phone.

Zexion = camera.
Roxas = cell phone. (Yes he has Keyblades. Two of them.)

Zack = GameBoy Color. (I named it when I was like twelve, I didn't realize it would someday fit my naming theme.)
Aeris = pink GameBoy Advance I got from Caitlin.
Sephiroth = GameBoy Advance SP my Nana found.
Squall = Nintendo DS I purchased from a friend's little sister.

Angeal = portable CD player. (A bit beat-up, but a hearty little sucker.)
Kadaj = spiPod.
Yazoo = headphones (with interchangeable materia-- I mean colored coverplates.)

Umm, I think that's it for theme... just for kicks and giggles:

Shiro = my car (a white 1993 Mercury Villager).
Rosalinda = my acoustic guitar.

My keyboard thus far has rejected every name thrust upon it, so it does not yet have a name. It may end up being the new Sebastian, considering we know he plays piano, and is quite talented with... everything. Particularly music.

I do believe my keyboard just got a name.

By the way-- happy holidays.
("Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou Tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga Sono mune ni Todokimasu you ni" still won't fit in the song box.)
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My doctor? You know, the one that told me all throughout my high school career that my only breathing problem was with exercise?
(The one I still bring my mom to appointments with because I freak out about doctors?)
I had an appointment this morning to change my birth control (no hitches there).

I spent Sunday night cleaning my room with a good friend. Ever since, my throat's been real scratchy, and my right nostril was plugged for a day. I mentioned this throat thing, which I suspected had been caused by the dust my pal
[ profile] spiritofanangel and I kicked up while cleaning my room. I told her this.

First thing she asks: "Do you think it's a complication of asthma?"
Brain: it's asthm-- what? did you just ask that? YES.
Mouth: "...yes, actually."
She says, "Well, you would have trouble breathing with any strenuous exercise..."
"I do."
"...and with going outside..."
"Yeah, especially in the winter."
(And she mentioned one more thing which I do not currently recall.)
"Yep, got that too."
"Okay. I'll put you on (X inhaler) because Albuterol is currently unavailable..."

And that was basically the end of it. I was impressed with her sudden heel face turn. Gasp, she actually listened to her patient this time.
And the main reason that had been pissing me off is that she wasn't listening to me. I'm an adult, I've been in this body for 18 years. Now I didn't have to say anything and the problem was solved-- works for me.

So, not yay that I have asthma, but yay that I actually got d
iagnosed properly this time.

Also, I knew there was a reason I always loved the name Sebastian: the epic narrator from Winnie The Pooh was named Sebastian Cabot. And now there's Sebastian Michaelis, who I also love ^_^
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Okay. I knew I loved Sebastian's voice from season one and his two character songs-- which seem to be the only two character songs at all from that season, or at least the only ones I can find-- and I knew I liked William's voice-- because he was Ishida Uryuu from Bleach and he has a cute and geeky, yet really nice voice-- but Kuroshitsuji II.

Oh man, Kuroshitsuji II.

I found both of Sebastian's songs from Kuroshitsuji II, and William's, and Finny's, and Grell's.
I think I've fallen in love with Grell's voice, almost as much as Sebastian's. Difference there is that Sebastian sounds good no matter what he sings. Grell's second one, Kill in the Heaven, is kinda sub-par. The first, though, Shinkou, is absolutely fucking amazing. (And lulzy; "DESU!")
Finny's is fittingly adorable and country-ish. OMG, so freaking cute. Like, I have to make a Finny plushie so I can hug him.

The rest of the songs haven't been released yet; I'm waiting for Lau, Undertaker, Agni, Soma, Viscount Druitt and Ronald Knox.

Mmkay, I'm interested in hearing them, but I'm really looking forward to Undertaker.

But seriously, guys, Knox and no Ciel? He was in the anime for like five minutes, total. Can Ciel's voice actor not sing or something?
I'd also be somewhat interested in hearing Meirin's voice; after all, she has quite the interesting voice when she's not all pretend-squeaky.
(No Bard either. Or Madam Red. Or Angela//Ash. Those make sense for not being in this season; none of them, except Bard, have been seen this season. [Shame; I'd've loved to hear Madam Red too...])

BBL, music squee~
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Don't forget to tag 8 people!
Ohh yeah. Um. I don't usually tag people, sorry, and even if I did, I doubt anybody I tagged would actually do it. So. I'm a poor sport, sorry, I am "refusing to do that."
(If I were to tag people, it would be the people on my friends list that I actually know. Personally. There are more than eight of them, let's see if any of them read my journal or-- even more shocking-- actually do it.)


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