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Okay. I've decided that the names "Cain" (for my SP) and "Sebastian" (for my tablet) don't fit. Mostly because, you know, Cain is far too delicate for the hearty little box that shares his name, and Sebastian is much more versatile than my lovely little tablet (who has been PMSing, which a male demon butler would not do). Besides, they're from the Victorian era, and my electronics are certainly not.

So the SP is now Sephiroth, and the tablet Tifa (to also fit the naming theme I have).


Cloud = laptop.
Denzel = laptop fan (puns fully intended).

Tifa = tablet.
Yuffie = 8 GB flash drive.

Xemnas = old dead headphones.
Axel = old dead cell phone.

Zexion = camera.
Roxas = cell phone. (Yes he has Keyblades. Two of them.)

Zack = GameBoy Color. (I named it when I was like twelve, I didn't realize it would someday fit my naming theme.)
Aeris = pink GameBoy Advance I got from Caitlin.
Sephiroth = GameBoy Advance SP my Nana found.
Squall = Nintendo DS I purchased from a friend's little sister.

Angeal = portable CD player. (A bit beat-up, but a hearty little sucker.)
Kadaj = spiPod.
Yazoo = headphones (with interchangeable materia-- I mean colored coverplates.)

Umm, I think that's it for theme... just for kicks and giggles:

Shiro = my car (a white 1993 Mercury Villager).
Rosalinda = my acoustic guitar.

My keyboard thus far has rejected every name thrust upon it, so it does not yet have a name. It may end up being the new Sebastian, considering we know he plays piano, and is quite talented with... everything. Particularly music.

I do believe my keyboard just got a name.

By the way-- happy holidays.
("Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou Tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga Sono mune ni Todokimasu you ni" still won't fit in the song box.)
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[Error: unknown template qotd], Sweeney Todd. I listen to it every year when I cook Thanksgiving dinner because I'm sadistic and I like musicals.

On that note...
Saw a friend's "30 facts" list-thing on Facebook and decided to make one. (And then to post it here because I can and I'm weird.)

30 facts )

Also, I really wish mice weren't so cute, so that I could get them out of my stuff and D-Con them without feeling absolutely terrible. I like mice, but dammit, not in my stuff in my room!

I lack tea.

Aug. 5th, 2010 07:31 pm
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...this lack of tea must be remedied.

(Sorry about the spelling, I didn't make it. But I am amused by this bullshit, mostly because it's not happening to me.♥)


(Since I am evidently Sephiroth, of the Silver Trio, rather than Angeal or Genesis, this is fitting.)

I must also add that Axel has officially been replaced. I have a new Xenon, whose name is Roxas. As expected of someone with this name, his transferred memory is not perfect.
And as such... I kinda need Tasha's cell number again ^^;
Aside from that, I love him. It's all good.


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