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Okay, so Friday, Tasha and her mom and stepdad (fuck chaperones, we're 17-19 years old) took her, Yuki and I to Rocky Horror. Tasha and I dressed up, Yuki didn't have anything Rocky-ish, we all did makeup, the whole deal.
"A Whole Nude World" was hysterical, I gotta say.
However, it's pretty fucking cool when you can make the cast stop and laugh. We sat in the second row (because it's amazing) and Eddie rode in and threw his helmet and danced with Columbia and played his tuba along with MeatLoaf's saxophone. When Eddie got back on his imaginary motorcycle, I sang "I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars," to the cast. They all heard me, and they were all trying (a couple failing) to hide snickers and giggles. Janet turned to me and said, "I haven't heard that one, I like it!"
"Thaaanks~" She wouldn't've heard it before, I thought of it just then.
But they were amused.

Unfortunately, today, after Tasha went home (k'stole her overnight last night) I snagged a bowl of chips. That's not the unfortunate part. The unfortunate part is, once I'd sat back down with the chips and eaten 85% of them, the bowl slid off my knee.
It hit the floor and broke into two pieces.
This is my favorite bowl.
This is my Devil may Cry bowl that I painted last year in New Hampshire.
I put hours of time and care and paint into the making of this bowl, and it hit the fucking floor.
I wanted to shatter glass.
I started to cry.
My father answered all my questions except the one I actually asked: where do I put it until I can fix it?
He scolded me for crying, then scolded me for whining and "screaming at him" (I was crying, fuck off and die in a fire, I was not screaming. I might've been whining. I was fucking upset and he was making it worse), and told me that if I didn't shut up and listen to him, he would take a hammer to my bowl.
I freaked out more. Ya know, contrary to popular belief, I have emotions. I get upset sometimes. I'm not an emotionless bitch.
He waited for me to calm down (after pointlessly scolding me some more) and told me "Now that you've calmed down a bit," fuck you, you pompous asshole, treat me like an adult. I'm seventeen. Stop talking to me like I'm six. "I'll tell you what I tried to tell you when you were having a tantrum."
Fuck you, I heard every word you said, and it was not a fucking tantrum. My mother has tantrums like a four-year-old, making these ridiculous high-pitched noises and breaking things. I don't. Just because I cried does not mean I had a tantrum. It means I cried, you fucking asshole.
So pack it away in something we don't have, I'm not sure where (this was the information I'd been trying to fucking get), until we can take it to New Hampshire and put slip on it to glue it back together, re-glaze it, and re-fire it.
I fucking heard you the first fucking time, you stupid dick.
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Soo Caitlin and I went to Rocky Horror on Friday night. It was amazing, as usual. Met a girl there named Autumn, she was absolutely amazing. It was kind of a mutual "your outfit is amazing~" kind of feeling there. (Although the whole thing started because she said something within earshot about "not another Twilight fan!")
Shanna was wearing a bustier from Hot Topic that was almost like mine. (Mine had turquoise accents, hers had magenta.) We were cotton candy.
And there was a boy there who was wearing the same 5" heeled boots as mine, only his were white. It was awesome.
Everyone at Rocky is so nice and accepting, it's great ^_^

Anyway, we chilled, we did our thing, blah blah.

This afternoon, when we actually got up (my fault), we went to Savers. Mom said, "keep it between $50-60," and dropped us off.
I ended up counting wrong, I thought I had $47 worth-- I had $59.91. (I guess I didn't count the "maybe" stuff that I ended up getting.) But it was less than $60, so it didn't matter.
I got two new pairs of shoes, three shirts (four if you count the fishnet shirt, five if you count the uber-long sweatshirt), two skirts, and an absolutely amazing dress.

So I have new clothes and I love them. Awesome weekend.

PS: fluorescent green boob jellies, ftw.
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Yes, you're reading correctly. Last night I went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Kya, Lily, Caitlin, and Brian. We met Gina and Law (Lawrence. Law is just so much less... bleh) there. We were all dressed up (much to my sister's chagrin. She'd've flipped hardcore if she saw me.) except Caitlin. Anyway, it was fun. I'd never been, so obviously, I got a bright red lipstick "V" scribbled on my forehead, for "Virgin." (Yes, literally too.)

So we were outside when we first got there, duh. Kya, Lily, Brian, Gina, and Law all smoke, and I was hanging out with them, and I took a couple of drags off Kya's cigarette. So much for straightedge. But I did take a couple of her Camel No. 9's, and they taste really good! It's amazing, it's exhilarating. And best of all, my parents don't know.
Anyway, we stopped in the ladies' room, and someone said my name. Two of the cast members were talking. It turns out that I share a name with one of the cast members. So all night, it was, "Hi Courtney!" "Hi, Courtney~!"
Then before the show, I saw my friend Corey and unfortunately, Maria. (I made peace so she wouldn't bitch at me, since we both ended up sleeping at Kya's.) I was like, "COREY! Oh my god, you bitch, I didn't expect to see you here!" He kind of also flipped because of what I wasn't wearing.

Ashley, stop reading if you're gonna yell at me. Outfit/real whore time.

I didn't have any skirts that I felt I could wear to Rocky, so I took an old pair of pants and cut and sewed... and I really felt like a whore by the time I was done because the resulting skirt was that short. Micro-mini-skirt. Oh god. With a thong (which kind of showed above the skirt) and a half-length, loose-knit cover-up. (Over a bra.) I borrowed a pair of Kya's knee-highs (grey and black stripes with leopard print at the top. Wicked cute!) and wore my Mary Janes.'s Rocky Horror!

So anyway, they called the "Virgins" up to the front of the theatre for something that shall remain a secret (go yourself and find out! If you're real nice and promise to go anyway, I might tell you.) So anyway, they wanted to find a "Special Virgin" for something or other, and they went through a guy named David ("How old are you?" "...old enough." "For what? (various rude audience responses), not working, sorry.") and some chick, before the announcer-guy (Ray) turned to "a random one of the cast" (Amanda, the one who'd been talking to Courtney in the bathroom) and asked her to "randomly select a Virgin." She made a beeline for me, grabbed me by the wrist, and led me over.

"What's your name?"
"Another Courtney! Okay, how old are you?"
"How old do I look?" (audience laughed, yay!)
"No, no, that wouldn't work in court, how old are you really?"
Someone in the audience screams, "EIGHTEEN!"
Ray says, "Okay! Eighteen! That works! You've been selected as our Special Virgin, and as such, you get this!"
He handed me a CD of The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, recorded by the original London cast. I was psyched! He sent me back to sit down, and the rest of the Virgins got a rousing welcome from the audience ("FUCK YOU!").

So I go back to my seat. Gina and Kya (who've already been and are still in their seats) high-fived me, and Lily and Brian crept by, so I had no seat in the row. I'd originally been sitting on Gina's lap, but she'd crossed her legs, so I sat on Law's lap.

On impulse, we kissed. (He is a good kisser!) This turned into making out. And it was hot in that theatre. I took off my cover-up, and all he said was "oh. Okay." And I ended up taking off his shirt as well. He had fishnets on underneath. Much love on fishnets.

No, it did not go any farther than making out.


I'm such a whore.

Once we left the theatre, I asked him if he had any eyeliner, because none of my friends did and he was wearing it too. So I got his number scribbled on my arm in eyeliner. Score!!!

So anyway, the show kicked ass, and so did the events surrounding it. Mmm, Rocky Horror.

PS: The guy playing Frank (whose name is Keither) is wicked hot! Oh man! Those of you who know me personally, talk to me about the pre-show. It was amazing...


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