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Yoinked from [ profile] sinnatious because I could. Sounded amusing, so I did it. Here you are-- in technicolor! 8D

THE MEME-- read at your own risk. It's pretty crazy in here. )
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Yup, planning already. (Psh, we were planning before this year's was over!)

SO we-- meaning Caitlin, Tasha and I-- had been planning to do a Resident Evil group next year. I was going to go as Leon S Kennedy-- and possibly Albert Wesker on the Sunday--, Tasha would be Rebecca Chambers, because the character suits her so bloody well, and Caitlin said she might be our Claire Redfield.

Well, Tasha looked at Rebecca costumes, and decided it wouldn't be so great on her budget. (I guess the only one she found was over $100, and she wasn't too pleased with that price.)

So I suggested Rikku, from Final Fantasy X-2, which we've wanted to do for a while. (She's also in FFX, but Tasha wants to do the costume from X-2.) It's easy-- find a decent yellow bikini, we can make the skirt and sleeves, the pouches shouldn't be too hard either, and the scarf I might be able to either beg off my sister or find elsewhere. I told her we might have to compromise on the wig; if she can find one, I can play with it for a month or so and fix it to be Rikku-ish.)

So, because she's being Rikku, I'm being Yuna.
Now this is awesome for a bunch of different reasons: Firstly, I don't have to worry about sports bras or Ace wrap to hide my boobs-- YOU try being new at this and hiding D-cups for a cosplay!-- because I'm actually cosplaying as a GIRL. (And, being a video game girl, she has moderately sized boobies.)
Secondly, I can grow my hair out and not have to worry about 1) cutting it or 2) getting a wig and hiding my real hair under it. Because Yuna's hair is at least long enough for a ponytail.
I considered Paine a while ago, but I'm not comfortable with showing off that much of the sides of my legs, and I wanna grow my hair out. (See last couple of sentences.)

So I started looking for Yuna costumes. I found a few expensive ones that sucked, a few expensive ones that looked well-worth the price, a few cheap ones, and a couple of slightly-less-expensive ones that didn't totally suck, but were not ideal.
And then I found THIS.
Now what THIS is, is a very high-quality costume for FIFTY DOLLARS. Most of the time, that kind of thing goes for a good hundred more. (Needless to say I jacked Dad's PayPal-- with permission-- and told him I can pay him back immediately if he wants-- he said nothing of it, so I figure I'll pay him when the package is trackable or comes in.)

And then I called Ashley to check about the scarf, and she said she can probably do it as long as she can block the color rather than fading it. I don't think that will be an issue.
And then, once I sent her a few pictures of Rikku, she called back to tell me she has a skirt we might be able to work off of, so we won't have to make it. And judging by the pictures she sent me, it looks like a good start!

For a day that started out canceling our original plan, today is going pretty damn well :D
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Okay, so I technically have five of these guys done. I did Pips and Crysta; I then made a faery for someone, which will be in the same picture as mine once I make it; and now, here are Leon and Claire.

I told you guys there would be a Resident Evil series coming; these two are my favorite heroes.

Claire & Leon fae

Yes, that's right, Leon has dragonfly wings. I tell ya what, those damn things took as long on their own as the rest of him all put together. (There is some transparency to them, promise, they're not just clear. That's part of the reason they were so tedious; coloring in the lines, or rather, lining inside the color, was a little bit time-consuming. It probably made the wings easier in the long run, though.)
However, they were also probably the most fun part of this picture. Tedious? Yes. It would have been much more tedious had I put as much detail into them as I should have. But it was fun.

Claire looks kind of ditzy. She's not. She's just... psyched to be a faery? And Leon, as usual, is Stoic. (Possibly, not so pleased about his new appendages, ears, and clothing. Or possibly he's just being Leon.)
Much easier to see if you click it. Leon has pants and shoes on, promise.

I blame Peter Pan for Leon's shoes. And I love them.

Coming next... probably Rebecca and Billy. I'll figure that out when it happens.

(Also, wow, it's quarter past five in the morning, and I'm not tired... there doesn't seem to be a point to going to sleep now... today's gonna be a coffee day.)


Jun. 29th, 2011 11:43 pm
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Well okay, I've been on a Fern Gully kick. BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING.


I have always loved Crysta; she's the heroine, come on. Female hero saves the rainforest. Pretty badass, no? However, Pips has always been one of my favorites too. Because he's a punk. (Zak's funny, and a punk, but dude, he's human. Not nearly as cool.)
Also, I just realized that freaking Christian Slater voices Pips. I love Christian Slater. He's awesome.

Also, this would have been called "faeries" but in the book Fern Gully, on which the movie is based, Pips apparently says he's an elf. (So I just put "FAE" because elves are still
technically fae.)

Pips and Crysta (sans transparency)

...and this is the product of my Fern Gully kick. I think they came out pretty freakin' well, especially since I'm a bit of a n00b with a tablet.
(Tinkerbell, not so much. But I've never been able to draw Disney characters. I'm working on it.)
Incidentally, Pips is supposed to be teasing somebody behind Crysta. It was gonna be Zak, but I wanted to draw fae, so I didn't draw Zak. Besides, flower-manskirts are fun. Jeans can be a pain.
(And Tink was hovering behind Crysta, kind of ogling Pips because he reminds me of a grown-up Peter Pan, and Tink's obsessed with Peter, so... fae eye-candy is almost as good to her, I guess? But she didn't come out so hot.)

Super-duper proud~

(Though Crysta does look a bit odd on a black background. Clicky to see the actual pic, where you can actually see her hair.)

And there's a faery//Resident Evil series coming... yes, that's right, all of you who think Leon's a fairy will get to see what he'd look like if it were literal. (REFUSE to do Chris. The plans are for Leon, Claire, Billy, Rebecca, Jill, and I'm not sure who else. I'm hesitant to do Wesker... because... dude, he's Wesker. How the hell do you turn THAT into a faery? Tyrant. Faery. Does not compute.)
Might throw in some DMC, too. We'll see.
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[Error: unknown template qotd], Sweeney Todd. I listen to it every year when I cook Thanksgiving dinner because I'm sadistic and I like musicals.

On that note...
Saw a friend's "30 facts" list-thing on Facebook and decided to make one. (And then to post it here because I can and I'm weird.)

30 facts )

Also, I really wish mice weren't so cute, so that I could get them out of my stuff and D-Con them without feeling absolutely terrible. I like mice, but dammit, not in my stuff in my room!


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