Jun. 10th, 2011 04:27 pm
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I have officially decided to get my bellybutton pierced. (Hopefully I'll be able to get one of the barbells with a gem in it. Dunno if I want a turquoise one or purple, I'll decide between now and then-- which, incidentally, will be after summer's over. I will not lose any swimming time to a new piercing.)

As I was changing out of my pjs this morning, I caught sight of my sunburn-- pretty bad. Nice and pink.
And then I thought, "man, it's a good thing my bikini wasn't more revealing." Like, if it had been one of those ridiculous ones with the thong bottoms? Man, can you imagine having a sunburn on your ass?

I hope I can go to a bonfire soon. Especially if we can manage it on the summer solstice, that would make my life.
(I'm curious about all these pagan religions... I want to learn more. Even their holidays make more sense. A friend and I are starting this "Wiccan study" together soon, so we can learn more about it first.)



Mar. 2nd, 2011 07:42 pm
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I know I've made a post on this subject in the past, but this time I actually got one of the ones on my list.

I've been waffling about getting my nipples pierced for two or three years, and decided I'd do it almost a year ago.

I decided I'd do it this past weekend, on Thursday. (I was under the impression that none of my friends could chill, and I wanted to do something radical and not destructive-- I've been known to do things like that too-- so I gathered my cash, went to the bank for the rest, and made the appointment.)

Then my best friend (
[livejournal.com profile] foxdemon123 ) called to say she wasn't busy, and when I mentioned it, decided she wanted to go with me. She's gotten her eyebrow pierced, but it got infected and she let it close up. (Also, she was a little bit of a wuss about it.)

So okay, I ask her two or three times if she's sure-- she is the one who reacted to this plan the most violently (as in, groaning and grabbing her boobs)-- and she says, of course!
(To which I then replied, "You just wanna see me in pain.")

Anyway, I picked her up that morning, we went to Providence, I got my boobies pierced. As I'm on the table, I'm a little nervous-- I have a high tolerance for pain, but I hate needles. I wasn't worried, though. Other people without the high tolerance have gotten nipple-and-or-genital piercings, so I ought to be fine.

Wasn't even as bad as I expected.

And there's
[livejournal.com profile] foxdemon123, sitting in the chair next to my feet, having apoplexy. I'm the one getting pierced, she's the one panicking. She sounded like she was gonna pass out. I flinched, but I don't think I even made any noise. So, between piercings, I started laughing.
I said, "Honey, you should take the advice he's giving me-- deep breaths, hon', deep breaths."

Once I stop laughing, the guy (Jason Pond from Rockstar-- great guy, walked me through everything, really good at his job) does the other one. She freaks again-- though slightly less this time-- and I sit up, get dressed, tip the man, and we walk out.
(He cautioned me, though; "once you're ready, you can sit up and look in the mirror..." et cetera. Like he expected me to be dizzy. I'm sure some people are after something like that, but I wasn't. I was too happy with it to be dizzy; it may also have had something to do with adrenaline.)

So that was fun. We get in my car, we start for home-- and we hear this bang, and a thudding as I drive. I stop, check my tires, and sure enough, the rear driver's side tire is flat as a pancake.

Wonderful. So I call home, tell the 'rents what happened-- and my father says he's on his way, blah blah, forty-five minutes. 'kay fine.
As he gets there, he grumbles something about "you really ought to learn to do this"-- like I'm gonna spontaneously know what I'm doing. He has neither the time nor the patience to teach me.
So then he has the wrong kind of jack. Says something about going to buy a floor jack, and disappears.

So after spending an extra two hours (total) in Providence, we head for home with a fresh tire. We're using my friend's GPS on her iPhone, because we're headed for her place, not mine. So okay. It gets us out of Providence, almost to her place, on a route I've been on, but never driven (and, incidentally, hate-- one lane both ways, divided by a jersey barrier. Dislike!--) and then the damn thing dies.
Phone's done. Okay, so we find the next turn it gave us, and I ask her if she knows where we're going. She says, "hang on, keep going-- I kinda know where we are..."
And then she sees the next turn we have to take and tells me so-- and then I know where we are, and we got to her place with little problem, chatted, and chilled for the night.

And then the next day my sister asked what I'd gotten done. I grinned at her, put my stuff away, then came back in and hugged her. "I got my boobies done, 'cause I'm crazy."
She goes, "Oh! You are crazy."

(And then texted an apology on her way home because she didn't know "how straight I'd been" with the 'rents. Interesting choice of words, no? ^^;; )
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I'm finally done with high school.

I can now apply to CCRI and get my associate's degree. (And mixology license. And then become an apprentice to a tattoo artist/body piercer and get this show on the road.)

No mishaps at Graduation-- no tripping, no broken ankles, and my teacher that I asked to present my diploma gave me a CVS card. Pretty awesome.
(And the two grammas I was able to invite to Graduation gave me $100 and $30, respectively. Also pretty awesome.)

I have new shoooes~
They're black checked Vans. I lurve them. SO COMFY!
these, only black on black. It's not as lame as it sounds.)

I'm also almost 18~
So close I can smell it. (Can't quite taste it yet, that'll take another month or so.)
Yes, I can smell things two months in advance, can't you?
Then I can change my name to something I don't hate (which I've had my heart set on since before I'd made the decision to actually change my name), get a tattoo (which I've wanted for a year or two), get my eyebrow pierced (same as the tattoo) and maybe get my nipples pierced. (Likely.)
Photos will be posted. On a friends-only view, of course.

Oh yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts. Looks like I'll have to buy KHII now~

Looks like my summer vacation is finally beginning.
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Okay, so everybody that took the time to read a couple of entries back knows I want piercings and tattoos.

I've decided I also want to become a tattoo artist and body piercer.
The thing is, I've done some research, and there are basically no classes to take for that. (Mom'll be pissed if I don't at least go to CCRI for a couple of years or something. Not that I don't intend to get my associate's degree.) You do an apprenticeship, usually for two years, you learn all you can, you do your thing from there.

There is one place (in Louisiana) where you can take classes. They insist that the (usually) two-year apprenticeship is unnecessary, that their two-week course on tattooing and three-day course on piercing is enough.
Bullshit, guys. I don't believe that for a second.

So the only place to take actual classes is basically a pompous bullshit school.

So this should be an interesting conversation to have with Mom.


May. 4th, 2010 08:35 am
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Well, here's the deal. My buddy Ari and I hung out yesterday, and she's got what her mom calls a 'destructive spring fever'. Because she spontaneously wants piercings and tattoos and nothing terribly good for you, though not, in my opinion, necessarily destructive.

Um. 'Kay. I'm getting a tattoo when I turn 18, I'm getting piercings, and I'm changing my name. As soon as I have the cash.
  1. I will be Bianca Eva Strife.
  2. I will be getting a lily of the valley tattooed on the left side of my chest.
  3. I will be getting my left eyebrow pierced.
  4. I might get my lip pierced (if so, it'll be off to the right side. One snakebite).
  5. I intend to get more tattoos after this, including a friendship one with all my most important friends (or at least tattoos that represent them).
  6. I might get my nipples pierced. (EDIT: I've made up my mind, I'm getting them done.)
Arianne's plans?
  1. Cleavage piercing.
  2. Tattoos.
  3. Maybe a lip piercing.
So no, Mrs Telles, I don't think her 'spring fever' is destructive, though it is (mostly) somewhat spontaneous.

And even though my mood is rather quixotic, I'm totally serious about this.

I'm shocked I could fit both those songs in the music box. (The second one means "On My Pride as a Quincy!")


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