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[Error: unknown template qotd], Sweeney Todd. I listen to it every year when I cook Thanksgiving dinner because I'm sadistic and I like musicals.

On that note...
Saw a friend's "30 facts" list-thing on Facebook and decided to make one. (And then to post it here because I can and I'm weird.)

30 facts )

Also, I really wish mice weren't so cute, so that I could get them out of my stuff and D-Con them without feeling absolutely terrible. I like mice, but dammit, not in my stuff in my room!
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Which, it's not, because it's Monday. But we're ignoring that.

So this was a productive week:

I took killed the AccuPlacer at CCRI. (119/120 on the Arithmetic. 99/100 on the Algebra. 54/60 on the College Math. 113/120 on the Reading Comprehension. 120/120 on the Sentence Skills.)

I aced my Permit test while Mum registered my car and my sister's car.

I got my plastic ID. (Less than a week after applying for it, actually.)

Had my birthday party with four out of five of my rl friends there. One slept over. I got over $100 in cash, and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

I can actually get that ocarina if I want, since I have over $100. OR I can get that chainmail I want, or I can get an N64 so I can borrow Ari's Ocarina of Time and play it. (All three of these will happen eventually.)

Cannot decide.

I also just downloaded three games' worth of Zelda music (Minish Cap, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time). So I am a pretty content geekazoid at the moment.

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Oh my gosh, I want an ocarina.

Now, those of you who know my Zelda obsession are probably thinking, "pfah! She just wants one because of the Ocarina of Time." (And oh by the way there are more ocarinas in the series, like the Ocarina of Wind in Minish Cap, but we won't go there.)

...and I won't lie, that's where the interest rooted.

BUT that's not the main reason.

I've been listening to ocarinas on YouTube all day, and I love the sound of the instrument, especially the range of the 12-hole ocarinas. And then I happened across "Oc Talk", a series done by docjazz4. Now, this guy is an expert. He's got all sorts of ocarina videos, and one of them was on choosing your first ocarina...
After watching that and the first episode of "Oc Talk", I was pretty much sold. The guy has a good sense of humor about the whole thing (even being asked half a million times "what kind of ocarina is best for beginners?"), and he has a video on music theory that even taught me something (after six years in chorus and two disconnected half-years of trying to learn piano from my grandmother).

And he also said it was probably the easiest instrument to learn.

Hm. Good info on the instrument? Check.
Excellent reviews on a pretty pretty 12-hole Zelda replica (yeah, it's not going away)? Check.
Awesome YouTube videos on ocarina advice? Check.
Stubborn self-teacher? Check.

Now all I need is a good chunk of change to start myself on this expensive hobby.

Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I wasn't such a music enthusiast... then I could listen to music without going, "AAWWW I WANNA LEARN TO PLAY THAT!" (Piano, guitar, flute, violin... now ocarina... but that one might actually go somewhere!)

In other news, I'm taking my AccuPlacer for CCRI tomorrow morning, and I am super nervous about it. Because I suck at math. Of course, I can just take an accounting course and be done with it, so that doesn't matter, but I hate testing. And I've never been to CCRI so I'm nervous.

And I had the munchies, so I went downstairs, and guess what I had? Toast and melted cheese.
I'm already starting to eat like a college student DX


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