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I have to preface this with a disturbing (now resolved) development of a couple of months ago. I found myself unable to concentrate on reading anything for long enough to get more than a couple of chapters into it, unless it was a manga, because those take me two hours to read at the outside, and even I could concentrate for that long. It wasn't what I was reading, I don't think-- a few examples were Alice in Wonderland, which I've read before and enjoyed, Longfellow's translation of Dante's Divine Comedy, and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, more specifically, Interview with the Vampire-- and I couldn't get into any of it.

Sherlock Holmes has fixed yet another of my problems.

Now, I saw something recently which piqued my interest: "First book in 125 years to be accepted by the Conan Doyle Estate into the Sherlock Holmes canon." That was all I needed to prompt my ordering and subsequently picking up The House of Silk, by Anthony Horowitz, from the library. I read the first four chapters-- fifty-one pages-- one day, before having to go out and do things. The next day-- yesterday-- I not only finished the rest of the 294 pages, but my mum recommended The Seven Per-Cent Solution, which we actually own, and I tore through all 234 pages of that too. (Both brilliant reads, though neither quite in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The House of Silk is similar to his writing style, but leaves you in a very depressing place, as Conan Doyle's never really did, and The Seven Per-Cent Solution, while an interesting alternate look into Sherlock Holmes, is nothing more than an alternate look. I mean, really, Moriarty as no more than a meek maths professor under the wrong circumstances, blown out of proportion by Sherlock's cocaine-addled mind? Interesting, but I can't see it.)
I did really love one scene in The Seven Per-Cent Solution, though; without spoiling too much, a doctor (not Watson) sends for Sherlock's Stradivarius, and he comes from the depths of depression into this brilliantly-described lively waltz, and the whole household is dancing, and he's playing passionately, and it's a wonderful plot device for a turning point as well as highlighting one of the greatest uses for music-- accentuating or altering moods as the musician sees fit. (Besides, it's hard for a passionate musician to play anything without becoming somewhat more cheerful or exhilarated. It's fun, and makes one feel good besides.)
The one thing that bothered me was the bizarre parallels from the one to the other, though minor; the same book is mentioned in both (though I can't presently bring the title to mind) as something Sherlock referenced to Watson, among other details. For some reason they stuck out at the time. I believe Horowitz must have read The Seven Per-Cent Solution and, possibly unwittingly, incorporated some of it into his own work.

TL;DR: two Sherlock books in one day makes for a very happy Eva.

In other news, on Tuesday, GameStop is having a sale for $30 off all pre-owned PSPs, so guess who's getting one? My long-term goal of buying myself a violin is not likely to happen any time soon, so I'm starting with a PSP instead, so I can at least start on playing Dissidia or Birth By Sleep. I've been carefully avoiding spoilers for far too long, and I want to play, dammit.
(Besides, as I've mentioned in a Facebook discussion, handhelds don't require me to steal the telly from my parents.)

Our Christmas tree-- though I hesitate to call it that, because the only really Christian one in the house is my father-- is up, and my cat, as usual, is under it.

I have a recital for my piano class on 21 December, I believe, after memorising 23 measures (of 35) in five classes. (Two, if you want to be picky; the first three were to learn it, the fourth memorising 11 measures, the fifth memorising the next 12...)
And while I'm back to talking of music, I may as well add this: I realised the other day that, while piano will be useful, violin may be easier for my tiny hands. I can barely reach an octave on the piano with my hand span, never mind a ninth or tenth... I know some who can reach an eleventh with ease. The violin neck is unlikely to hurt my hand so much.

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And I have writer's block. This is why I have yet to participate in NaNoWriMo.

that meme. )
Cross-posting to FB just because.
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Also this is me not bothering to correct the mediocre grammar in the aforementioned alphabet meme from Facebook.

The alphabet meme )
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The music meme:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Well okay, she assigned me the letter "L". In no particular order:
  1. Let The Monster Rise from Repo! The Genetic Opera. One of my favorite songs from the movie. To me, it shows the true relationship between Shiloh and her father, though that could be debated.
  2. Leekspin (Liotuma). This video happens to be a fan video of Super Smash Bros Brawl, which is one of my favorite video games that I don't own. (Because, like, it's for Wii, which I don't have.) Completely addicting song-- I always find myself bobbing my head to the rhythm (or, in one case, twirling a pen between my fingers).
  3. Last Order (Crisis Mix). Oh man-- I'm a sucker for instrumental-type hard rock stuff anyway (like Flock Off!, Griffon's theme from Devil May Cry) but this is just so fitting for Final Fantasy VII. Especially if you watch Last Order. It really illustrates the struggle Zack had trying to get him and Cloud home in one piece-- but then again, I've been told I overanalyse music. So, in short, it's badass, awesome guitar riffs, have a listen.
  4. This one, I had trouble deciding, so I'll link to two: Lapis and Longing, both by Gackt. (I felt like having two Gackt songs on here would be cheating. Frankly, I could have filled all five with Gackt songs and still had one "L" song left over.) Longing is badass for several reasons: first of all, it's classic Gackt. Secondly, it's the sub-theme for Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, which I love. (Reason number two that it's cheating: I already have a FFVII-related song on here.) Thirdly, it's really easy to rock out to. Wicked awesome guitar riffs, Gackt's amazing voice, and some Gackt-style bizarre music and sounds thrown in in the middle. And Lapis; it's a very calming song. It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a rainstorm, even if it's sunny out. It's quite soothing, and frankly, you'd have to be deaf not to concede that it's pretty. (Even if you don't like it, for whatever reason.) I love the piano in it, and Gackt's voice is just beautiful. (I could go on for hours about this song alone, so I'll stop here.)
  5. Once again, I had trouble picking, so two: Love's Requiem and Lose You Tonight, both by HIM. Love's Requiem was hands-down my favorite song for pro'lly two years in a row, on and off for more like five. And I'm still not sick of it. The guitar is very cool-- in a soothing kind of way-- and the lyrics are beautifully poetic. Lose You Tonight is a much more recent love; it's here for basically the same reasons as Longing. It's classic HIM, and it's  totally badass. (And the album it's off of, Dark Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, is one of my favorites. Like I said, classic HIM.)
So this was both much easier and much more difficult than I thought it would be; easier in that I came up with probably six more, but more difficult in that I had to go through most of my YouTube favorites and a couple of music folders before the ideas came flooding in.

So yeah, comment away, I'll give you a letter, do it if you want. It's kind of fun to explore. Especially the ones that you go "heeey, I forgot about this one! I love this song!" or "dude, I have this? Nostalgia~"
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Guess who's getting free guitar lessons for helping a new friend refresh his Spanish? That's right.

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Okay. I knew I loved Sebastian's voice from season one and his two character songs-- which seem to be the only two character songs at all from that season, or at least the only ones I can find-- and I knew I liked William's voice-- because he was Ishida Uryuu from Bleach and he has a cute and geeky, yet really nice voice-- but Kuroshitsuji II.

Oh man, Kuroshitsuji II.

I found both of Sebastian's songs from Kuroshitsuji II, and William's, and Finny's, and Grell's.
I think I've fallen in love with Grell's voice, almost as much as Sebastian's. Difference there is that Sebastian sounds good no matter what he sings. Grell's second one, Kill in the Heaven, is kinda sub-par. The first, though, Shinkou, is absolutely fucking amazing. (And lulzy; "DESU!")
Finny's is fittingly adorable and country-ish. OMG, so freaking cute. Like, I have to make a Finny plushie so I can hug him.

The rest of the songs haven't been released yet; I'm waiting for Lau, Undertaker, Agni, Soma, Viscount Druitt and Ronald Knox.

Mmkay, I'm interested in hearing them, but I'm really looking forward to Undertaker.

But seriously, guys, Knox and no Ciel? He was in the anime for like five minutes, total. Can Ciel's voice actor not sing or something?
I'd also be somewhat interested in hearing Meirin's voice; after all, she has quite the interesting voice when she's not all pretend-squeaky.
(No Bard either. Or Madam Red. Or Angela//Ash. Those make sense for not being in this season; none of them, except Bard, have been seen this season. [Shame; I'd've loved to hear Madam Red too...])

BBL, music squee~
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Which, it's not, because it's Monday. But we're ignoring that.

So this was a productive week:

I took killed the AccuPlacer at CCRI. (119/120 on the Arithmetic. 99/100 on the Algebra. 54/60 on the College Math. 113/120 on the Reading Comprehension. 120/120 on the Sentence Skills.)

I aced my Permit test while Mum registered my car and my sister's car.

I got my plastic ID. (Less than a week after applying for it, actually.)

Had my birthday party with four out of five of my rl friends there. One slept over. I got over $100 in cash, and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

I can actually get that ocarina if I want, since I have over $100. OR I can get that chainmail I want, or I can get an N64 so I can borrow Ari's Ocarina of Time and play it. (All three of these will happen eventually.)

Cannot decide.

I also just downloaded three games' worth of Zelda music (Minish Cap, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time). So I am a pretty content geekazoid at the moment.

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Oh my gosh, I want an ocarina.

Now, those of you who know my Zelda obsession are probably thinking, "pfah! She just wants one because of the Ocarina of Time." (And oh by the way there are more ocarinas in the series, like the Ocarina of Wind in Minish Cap, but we won't go there.)

...and I won't lie, that's where the interest rooted.

BUT that's not the main reason.

I've been listening to ocarinas on YouTube all day, and I love the sound of the instrument, especially the range of the 12-hole ocarinas. And then I happened across "Oc Talk", a series done by docjazz4. Now, this guy is an expert. He's got all sorts of ocarina videos, and one of them was on choosing your first ocarina...
After watching that and the first episode of "Oc Talk", I was pretty much sold. The guy has a good sense of humor about the whole thing (even being asked half a million times "what kind of ocarina is best for beginners?"), and he has a video on music theory that even taught me something (after six years in chorus and two disconnected half-years of trying to learn piano from my grandmother).

And he also said it was probably the easiest instrument to learn.

Hm. Good info on the instrument? Check.
Excellent reviews on a pretty pretty 12-hole Zelda replica (yeah, it's not going away)? Check.
Awesome YouTube videos on ocarina advice? Check.
Stubborn self-teacher? Check.

Now all I need is a good chunk of change to start myself on this expensive hobby.

Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I wasn't such a music enthusiast... then I could listen to music without going, "AAWWW I WANNA LEARN TO PLAY THAT!" (Piano, guitar, flute, violin... now ocarina... but that one might actually go somewhere!)

In other news, I'm taking my AccuPlacer for CCRI tomorrow morning, and I am super nervous about it. Because I suck at math. Of course, I can just take an accounting course and be done with it, so that doesn't matter, but I hate testing. And I've never been to CCRI so I'm nervous.

And I had the munchies, so I went downstairs, and guess what I had? Toast and melted cheese.
I'm already starting to eat like a college student DX
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Anything that can be blasted full-volume at the loudest volume my ears can handle and sung along to. (Such as...)
  • A lot of Gackt.
  • A lot of character songs from Bleach (Do not judge me), especially Ulquiorra and Grimmjow (they're so angry!), Toshiro and Byakuya (pretty *_*), Ishida (no Bleach music-thing is complete without the smoothest of voices), Renji, and Ichigo (the main rivals with some of the most interesting songs).
    • Probably everything loud and in-your-face in a foreign language that I can even remotely sing along to (like Gackt, Rammstein, and Bleach character songs).
  • Lotsa Nine Inch Nails.
  • Voltaire and Killing Miranda (seldom serious, usually sardonic, and always good).
  • Lots of A Perfect Circle (not usually loud and in-your-face like the rest, but very bass-heavy).
  • One word: Evanescence.
  • Pat Benatar.
  • Jack Off Jill.
  • Lots of AFI.
  • Definitely a bunch of Devil May Cry theme music (do not judge).
  • All that crap I have on my spiPod that is so horrible but so addicting and danceable. (Lady Gaga, Tila Tequila, Pussycat Dolls, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Don't Trust Me, Shake, Sexyback, and the like.)
  • My favorites from the Footloose soundtrack: Never, Holding Out for a Hero, I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man), and of course, Footloose.
I'm sure I could come up with much more than this, but I think the list is getting a little long for a Writer's Block response.


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