Apr. 29th, 2012 01:07 am
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I just came out to my parents as trans a couple of hours ago. (I spent the last two hours changing my online profiles.)
I was gonna use Sherlock Holmes as a segue; specifically the theories that he was a female living as a man, or a FtM transsexual (depending largely on which adaptation you subscribe to), and that Irene Adler was a male living as a woman, or a MtF transsexual (same limitation). My sister said she thought it was a bad idea, and our parents might think that was why I wanted to be a dude. As stupid as it is, that’s exactly the kind of thing they would think, so I didn’t use Sherlock.
I segued in using my voice. (For a few months, I was talking in a British accent exclusively, but in my normal voice pitch; for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using my normal accent, with a lower voice pitch. Both changes are because I hate my voice. Just when I was about to say “and this is why I hate my voice”, my mother asked me.)
It went well. Certainly much better than I expected. My parents were very accepting-- especially my mum-- and they’ve voiced some support.
So as of right now, I feel awesome.
On the other hand, I hate that I did all that research for nothing, so have some theories about chromosomally-female!Sherlock and chromosomally-male!Irene.
  • his apparent PMS
  • his disinterest in the ladies (obviously inconclusive; not my evidence)
  • outright distrust of women, possibly because he wouldn’t “pass” for a man to another chromosomal female
  • in The Hound of the Baskervilles, after a few days of camping, Watson is struck by Holmes’ lack of facial hair
  • Holmes is often described as being tall, slender, and having narrow fingers (all traditionally feminine characteristics)
  • he has no basic knowledge of a Victorian gentleman, but is versed in the arts (which would be taught to any well-to-do young woman of that era, as the rest would be useless to a future wife)
  • there were few opportunities for women at that time; he may have been doing it to gain those opportunities
  • while he was a successful boxing prizefighter, there is no reason that the unorthodox Holmes wouldn’t have broken the usual rules and worn a shirt, or for that matter, falsified injuries and bound his chest with that excuse
  • she’s a contralto (which is the lowest female vocal range)
  • this would explain the King’s anxiousness; while an affair with a woman would hardly bring down a country, a doctor or an ex-lover saying the wrong thing would “out” him as having an affair with “a man in a dress”
  • a personal note: this would also explain how she fooled Holmes so easily; her ability to disguise crossed gender barriers to the point where Holmes not only failed to recognise her visually, but also her voice when she went by and called his name (“now who the deuce could that have been?”)
  • I feel better now. I may eventually give my parents all that, but not before coming out, haha.
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But to everybody, really. Take this as a chance, an excuse, an extra reason to celebrate the women in your life.

All the rest is "personal", so I'm putting it under a cut so you don't have to read it.

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