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Ugh. Okay, so, Dissidia feels. Because I have a lot of them and I need to get rid of them somehow. Yes, this is another stupid middle-of-the-night-rant-usually-reserved-for-two-in-the-morning. Don't like it? Don't read it.

But if you intend to, here. )
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Yoinked from [ profile] sinnatious because I could. Sounded amusing, so I did it. Here you are-- in technicolor! 8D

THE MEME-- read at your own risk. It's pretty crazy in here. )
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Yup, planning already. (Psh, we were planning before this year's was over!)

SO we-- meaning Caitlin, Tasha and I-- had been planning to do a Resident Evil group next year. I was going to go as Leon S Kennedy-- and possibly Albert Wesker on the Sunday--, Tasha would be Rebecca Chambers, because the character suits her so bloody well, and Caitlin said she might be our Claire Redfield.

Well, Tasha looked at Rebecca costumes, and decided it wouldn't be so great on her budget. (I guess the only one she found was over $100, and she wasn't too pleased with that price.)

So I suggested Rikku, from Final Fantasy X-2, which we've wanted to do for a while. (She's also in FFX, but Tasha wants to do the costume from X-2.) It's easy-- find a decent yellow bikini, we can make the skirt and sleeves, the pouches shouldn't be too hard either, and the scarf I might be able to either beg off my sister or find elsewhere. I told her we might have to compromise on the wig; if she can find one, I can play with it for a month or so and fix it to be Rikku-ish.)

So, because she's being Rikku, I'm being Yuna.
Now this is awesome for a bunch of different reasons: Firstly, I don't have to worry about sports bras or Ace wrap to hide my boobs-- YOU try being new at this and hiding D-cups for a cosplay!-- because I'm actually cosplaying as a GIRL. (And, being a video game girl, she has moderately sized boobies.)
Secondly, I can grow my hair out and not have to worry about 1) cutting it or 2) getting a wig and hiding my real hair under it. Because Yuna's hair is at least long enough for a ponytail.
I considered Paine a while ago, but I'm not comfortable with showing off that much of the sides of my legs, and I wanna grow my hair out. (See last couple of sentences.)

So I started looking for Yuna costumes. I found a few expensive ones that sucked, a few expensive ones that looked well-worth the price, a few cheap ones, and a couple of slightly-less-expensive ones that didn't totally suck, but were not ideal.
And then I found THIS.
Now what THIS is, is a very high-quality costume for FIFTY DOLLARS. Most of the time, that kind of thing goes for a good hundred more. (Needless to say I jacked Dad's PayPal-- with permission-- and told him I can pay him back immediately if he wants-- he said nothing of it, so I figure I'll pay him when the package is trackable or comes in.)

And then I called Ashley to check about the scarf, and she said she can probably do it as long as she can block the color rather than fading it. I don't think that will be an issue.
And then, once I sent her a few pictures of Rikku, she called back to tell me she has a skirt we might be able to work off of, so we won't have to make it. And judging by the pictures she sent me, it looks like a good start!

For a day that started out canceling our original plan, today is going pretty damn well :D

oh yeah...

Feb. 1st, 2011 09:39 pm
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...did I mention I made a Barnes & Noble order? No?

Well, I ordered two games from GameStop through them, and a movie. The movie, Stir of Echoes, should be in sometime tomorrow. The games, Final Fantasy X and X-2, have been shipped and should be here... soon.

And as I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts II (borrowed from Tayla) and met Auron, I recognized him as one of Yuna's Guardians from Final Fantasy X, and wondered why in hell Hades called him "the mother of all bad guys"-- and why the mother of all bad guys would be one of Yuna's guardians!

I cannot wait to play this game.

Also, Lulu looks like Lucy Liu. (Sexiest thing to ever walk the planet ♥ Gackt is second only to her.)


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