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Lately, I've been remembering more of my dreams. Not sure why. There've also been some recurring themes:

  1. I have an iPhone (which somehow figures prominently);

  2. Captain America;

  3. me, running around (usually naked or mostly-naked) on all fours.

Bizarre, right? In-context those bits are even stranger. (List mostly yoinked from Facebook, thus the phrasings.)
There're several. )

I never explained that lab prof situation, either. Well, suffice it to say, my Chem lab prof is being difficult and refusing to call me James. By now, she's decided to just call me by my last name, and I'm not fond of that, but whatever, at least it's my name. I'm probably just going to cut my losses at this point.


May. 18th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Er, so yesterday was fun-- went to Sparring class, got my butt kicked, stayed for the make-up class and learned a new part of my #3 Kata, and went to Tanner's~♥ (*ahem*) I taught Em one of the piano songs in my repertoire, got a really cute pair of earrings from her, and Moosh showed me something online. Thankfully, that was it for interrupting Tanner-time. (I so love his backyard, it's huge, and it's got a huge hill, which I'm sure is a blast to sled down. We just flopped a bunch and went into the woods behind his house, which are beautiful.)

Unfortunately, my parents kidnapped me back at five of four to go to Connecticut for the tourney. So we went to CT (and I slept 3/4 of the way there). We stopped at Friendly's for dinner-- I had fish & chips and a sundae (mmmmm). The Comfort Inn we stayed in was newly opened, but nice. It was clean, unlike the Econo-Lodge in Worcester, and the futon was fairly comfy-- no springs in my ribs this time.

Went to the tourney in Shelton, got two 3rds (Forms and Weapons) and a second (Sparring). Unfortunately, D'ar beat me in Forms and weapons. He deserved the forms (I guess)-- it was more complex than #2 Kata. But his sai form was not good. His stances-- just ew. My bo kata wasn't that bad, and his sai form wasn't that good! (Grr on that one.)
Aside from that, it was pretty good. It was a lot smaller than the other tourneys I've been to. D'ar did pretty well in Sparring, too. He's got similar sparring problems to me, but won't admit it. Oh well.

On a different note, my dreams suck as of late. (They're all R-rated, too...) )
Grr on nightmares.


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