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So okay. Had this badass dream. I was this firebender, and apparently I was good friends with the Gaang, but not a prominent friend, I guess. WAY more badass than what actually happened, IMHO.

(I wish I
remembered more of the beginning; all I know is that somewhere in the middle, Toph was basically cut in half. It was basically one big badass fight scene, followed by Toph getting cut in half and some firebender creepily closing in... yeah. It didn't look good.)

Here's what I do remember. )

Best dream ~ever~!
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Lately, I've been remembering more of my dreams. Not sure why. There've also been some recurring themes:

  1. I have an iPhone (which somehow figures prominently);

  2. Captain America;

  3. me, running around (usually naked or mostly-naked) on all fours.

Bizarre, right? In-context those bits are even stranger. (List mostly yoinked from Facebook, thus the phrasings.)
There're several. )

I never explained that lab prof situation, either. Well, suffice it to say, my Chem lab prof is being difficult and refusing to call me James. By now, she's decided to just call me by my last name, and I'm not fond of that, but whatever, at least it's my name. I'm probably just going to cut my losses at this point.
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Okay, nightmare. )

It was really terrifying until about five minutes after I got out of bed. Especially since until I burst into flame, I didn't know it was a dream. (And my skin felt all tingly when I woke up, it was freaky.)
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Mmkay, I need to share this one.

I'm in a massive three-story house, for starters. It's elegant, and the ground floor so reminds me of the Victorian era it's not even funny. There's a room almost totally decked out in red velvet, with a velvet sofa and a velvet mini-loveseat-thing and a red Oriental area rug that looks somewhat exactly like this one. There's a Ming vase on a mahogany table by the wall, and a painting opposite it. The walls are papered in a maroon shade.
Another room looks somewhat like a dining room but isn't. It's rather pink. The wallpaper was a vertical swirly-stripey thing, in a peach kinda color and light pink. (The swirls were velvet, like in those real old houses with ancient wallpaper that just adds to its character. My Gramma Rousseau and "Auntie" Terry have that kinda wallpaper in their house, just for future reference. [And for Ashley who's actually seen their house.]) The carpet was swirly (kinda like this) and there were Victorian vases by the wall, and a bookshelf of ceramic things, and it was quite pretty in all its pastels. (Again, mostly pink and coral shades, but some of the ceramics and a little bit of the vase were other colors.) The only dark-colored thing in the room was the table; it was made of finished ebony.
The kitchen's down here, rather simple. (The setup looks almost like at Gramma Sally's, but most of you haven't seen that.) There's a wrap-around counter, a microwave set up with the cabinets, a stovetop/oven in between parts of the counter, and a couple of cabinets underneath. (No rug.)
The real dining room is kind of a teal wallpaper, and a teal carpet like this one, with an oak table and matching chairs.
Here comes the creepy one: no light, ever, with a friend's creepy-looking shrivelly grandmother dying in the bed in the middle. The woman's eyes sometimes seem to glow, and she likes to tell creepy stories just to scare people. (Always the same freaky-looking woman, but a different friend. This time it was Aydan.) The bed is huge, with pro'lly three mattresses and a bajilliondy pillows, and a fluffy blood-red suede comforter. The room is too dark to see the carpet, but it's very soft, because she doesn't get many visitors, so nobody ever walks on it.

Second floor, more modern, not so many Persian/Oriental rugs, mostly hardwood floors, and you have half a floor at one point so that you can see down into the first floor (and then you realize it's just the white-carpeted staircase.) The staircase itself is a mystery, because it starts three feet off the floor. It hangs from the next landing (which is circular, and not yet the second floor.) On the landing, you have a pair of red staircases opposite the first winding up to the second floor. One leads into the room with half a floor, and the other into a den-like room. This one has an off-white rug (dumb) and a dresser (giving the impression of a bedroom, but no bed.)

As for the rest of the house (like, uh, the third floor?) I have no idea.

This crazy house has been in my dreams forever. (Okay, more like since I was seven. Which is pro'lly why I remember so much of it.)
It started out as just a place to set a sensible, yet creepy dream with a creepy old woman. Now it's different.

This time, I was lounging in the red velvet room, and walked through the not-dining room. Someone said, "oh there she is! It's time for dinner, Courtney." And I nodded and proceeded into a strangely crappy bathroom (which replaced the beautiful one that was always there before) to wash my hands.
I enter the real dining room, and Kristin's in the middle of a story. "...and they kill the chickens by cutting off their heads. Then the kids have to kiss the chickens."
I'm thinking, "ew."
I ate in silence, and the conversation flew through my head. So much audio clutter.

After dinner, I was suddenly some sort of competitor in something or other, and I morphed into a mousey. Another mouse was doing the same thing, and we were kind of a team. So okay, I have no idea what's going on, but there's this big human behind us with a deep voice, so we try to lose ourselves in the tall-ish grasses, but he finds us and grabs us (roughly, as we squirm) and commands us to kiss the chicken heads.

Notice I was silent through this dream.

(Ha, after that house description, you thought it was gonna make sense, didn't you?)
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It was midsummer. I was wearing a pair of black bermuda shorts with cargo pockets, my Sweeney Todd t-shirt, my HIM and AFI wristbands, and a Slipknot sweatshirt. My black Adio Darklight sneakers were, unfortunately, in the middle of a puddle. My left hand held my skateboard against my side at the bus stop, hoping they'd let a soaking wet skateboarder with no other means of transport onto the bus.

A huge green van flew by, splashing me right in the face with muddy water. I sputtered for a minute, setting my board on the pavement so I could wipe my face clean. A male voice interrupted.
"Woah, you okay? Here."

He pressed a handkerchief into my palm and I wiped off my face. "Thanks," I said before I'd really looked at him. I looked up and did a double take. "Woah... you-- are you Bam Margera?"
He grinned. "Yeah."
"Oh my god, it's amazing to meet you!" I breathed. "My name's Courtney Cosgrove."

"Gee, thanks, Courtney. Hey, how about to make up for it, I take you for an overnight at my place." He suggested, sounding as if it were the most normal thing in the world to be asked to your idol's house overnight.
"For serious?" I asked incredulously. He nodded. "Uh, yeah, I-- I mean, I'd love to! That'd be amazing! Thanks!"
He laughed. "C'mon, the Lambo's around the corner."

I swallowed upon laying eyes on the car. "Oh, man, I've never even seen one of these in person! This is a gorgeous car!"
"Yeah, 's why I wanted it."
We hopped into the luxurious interior and he asked me if I wanted to listen to anything.
He pressed a button and "Wicked Game" came through the speakers. I sang along, not noticing the look of surprise I was getting from the driver's seat.

Once we got to Castle Bam, it was late. The whole crew was there, and seemed to take me in as a little sister. They were no less crass than usual, and I returned in kind. Bam vaulted the Pirate Bar and asked me if I wanted something to drink.

"Uh, sure, but non-alcoholic," I responded.
"You like energy drinks?"
"Yeah!" I exclaimed.
"Take your pick."
"Uh..." I thought for a moment. "You got any Monster?"
"Yeah, what kind? Original, Assault, Khaos..."
"Ooh, Assault."
"All right," he seized a can and walked to the doorway. "Now, you gotta sing for us before you get this."
"Wha-- That's not fair!" I whined.
"My house." he insisted.
"Oh, all right... and I guess it is fair, with all you've done for me today," I acceded, "...but what do I sing?"
"Pick a song."
I took a deep breath. "Okay."
I began to sing and the whole room watched me, captivated.
"No, I won't surrender at any cost
Lose something so sweet and tender from my heart.
Yes, I've done my evil, I've done my good,
Just believe me honey, I won't let go of you.

You are the one, and there's no regrets at all,
You are the one, and there's no regrets at all.

We've had our shared misfortune, we've had our blues,
And God is not on our side, yes it's true,
But you keep forgetting baby, the beauty of us two,
There is no one who could take that away from me and you.

You are the one, and there's no regrets at all..."
Here I paused to take a breath, and heard the one thing I least expected to hear.
Ville Valo's voice completed the refrain from behind me. "You are the one, and there's no regrets at all."
I turned around, blinked, swallowed, and choked out, "oh my god."
My eyes were as wide as they could get. Bam handed me my Monster and smirked. The cold can in my hand brought me back to the present. I turned back to Ville to make sure he was really there. "I-- I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Courtney Cosgrove."
I extended my hand to shake his.

He smiled and I'm sure I blushed. "Well, it's obvious you already know who I am." He leaned over and kissed my hand. "Ville Hermanni Valo. You've just gained a fan, Miss Courtney. You have a beautiful voice."
I took a deep breath.
"Don't pass out on us, there, Courtney," Bam called. I laughed and Ville walked to Bam to pull him into a hug.
"Hey, Ville, didn't you say that you needed female vocals for your next single?"
"That was supposed to be a secret!" the Finnish rocker whispered. He sighed before speaking in a normal voice. "Well, the secret's out. But... I don't think I'll be needing any auditions."
"So, recording here, or in Finland?"
"Finland, of course."
"So, Courtney, you get to go to Finland!" Bam grinned at me again. I swallowed and sat on the couch next to Raab. I cracked open the can of Monster.
"Holy shit," I breathed. "Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming."

Unfortunately, Raab obliged, and I woke up.


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