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When did I become such a girlie-girl? Really, I just went to the ladies' room on break specifically to refresh my lip gloss (which I seldom wear) not because my lips were getting dry, but because it didn't look as good as this morning.

I think this scares me a little bit. No idea why. (I should not be embarrassed by this. BUT I SO AM.)

Also, unrelated whine: waaah I miss my hair :<

I want to learn how to do a French twist. I cannot do this with ridiculously short hair (or even moderately short hair, but that is not what I have).

And I want an Irene.

PS: for those of you who do not yet know, I may end up in Boston for my next semester (and so on) of college. Because I can't do my intended major (forensic anthropology) in this state. What the hell, RI.

Oh yeah, and I found a Nefera doll yesterday, totally by coincidence! I randomly decided to stop in Wal-mart and K-mart when Tayla stopped at BK for dinner, and there were two Nefera dolls at K-mart.
Let me just say, the size difference is really odd. Besides that, they should have changed the size of the bloody doll stand to match the doll. But no, Nefera's stand is the same as all the other dolls, which are a good centimetre or two smaller and made in a less muscular-looking fashion. Therefore, my Nefera doll has to stand up specifically by leaning the stand against the side of my shelf. Really, Mattel, use your heads.

On the subject of Monster High, Tayla's been comparing me to Clawdeen for ages... and finally gave up on it and admitted I'm more like Cleo XD
Because while I am pretty loyal to my friends, I often come off as (and sometimes am) the Queen Bitch. It's useful; I effortlessly repel idiots and therefore don't often have to talk to stupid people ;D


Feb. 1st, 2011 06:01 pm
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Well, okay. I have to admit, I'm not very optimistic about this storm, considering a week ago today, I put my car on a rock wall on Jepson Lane in Portsmouth on my way to my art class because of black ice.

However, on the other hand, I really love snow. If I could have three inches of snow on the ground all winter (with the occasional extra few inches, or maybe even a blizzard) without any icy roads, that would be perfect. I would love that. Let me have my ice-skating ice, and I'd tolerate some icy sidewalks so long as I had my boots. But I really hate icy roads. That was effing scary.

Also on the other hand, I didn't have classes today, because my college canceled all afternoon classes. So nobody had to do any extra driving today, and I got to sleep in :)
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Okay, so this post should probably have been made Saturday, but I was chillin' with my best friend, who is completely more important than an LJ post.


Guess what I did Saturday morning?

I took another CLEP test. (Last month I took one, tested out of English and got six credits. Cool.)
This one was Spanish, which I was under the impression would get me out of 3 credits of Spanish 1.

First part was listening, ten seconds to answer each question, then wait for the timer to run out. (Slightly annoying, they each took me about, oh, two.)
Second part, more listening (with chunks of questions in between relating to each listening portion). Twelve minutes total to answer the questions. I took six.
Third part was reading comprehension; 73 questions in the allotted 60 minutes. I took 27 of them.

So, uh, take that, I took about half the time provided. Check this noise out: the scores range from 20 to 80. I got a 73 out of 80.
March my little arse into the test administrator's office, and she tells me I just earned 12 credits.

Wait, back up.


Scores between 50 and 62 earn 6 credits, getting out of Spanish 1010 and 1020. 63 and above also get out of 2010 and 2020.
I didn't know that was possible.

Pardon me, but I do believe I kicked that test's ASS.

Take that, random rude anonymous commenter.
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Gods, I'm really starting to hate CCRI.

Okay. You know how my schedule was so difficult to put together, and then I ended up with three classes? Yeah.
My "College Success" class was canceled, and I got a phone call. I didn't take it off the schedule, it was canceled anyway, I didn't care, I just dropped it.

Show up for class tonight. It starts at seven, I'm panicking. I'm fifteen minutes early. I boot up Cloud, I make sure he's all situated on Denzel, plugged in, no problem. Nobody else is there, but I figure I'm really early, it's okay.
Ten minutes pass.
Seven minutes pass.
I panic. I text my mom (still sitting downstairs because I was panicking).

"It's 7:02 and there's no one..."
She walks in and tells me we're going to Enrollment Services (aka Student Services). Go downstairs; it's closed. Panic some more.
Start theorizing: maybe they moved the class; maybe they canceled it; maybe maybe maybe.

We're walking out behind the Enrollment Services people. They're less than ten feet from the door, they hear me panicking and turn around and help me out. Yes, they canceled your class; they e-mailed your CCRI account, they don't have to call you, they didn't.

That CCRI account I couldn't log onto because it locked me out.

These two saints that work at Enrollment Services ended up resetting my account so I can log on now. (That "reset button" wasn't working all summer.) They also took my mom's picture for her Student ID (which she hasn't had for the first four-ish years she's been at CCRI).

Jane Gilman and Teri//Terry (really long last name starting with N) are bloody amazing, but gods I hate CCRI's protocol.
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Which, it's not, because it's Monday. But we're ignoring that.

So this was a productive week:

I took killed the AccuPlacer at CCRI. (119/120 on the Arithmetic. 99/100 on the Algebra. 54/60 on the College Math. 113/120 on the Reading Comprehension. 120/120 on the Sentence Skills.)

I aced my Permit test while Mum registered my car and my sister's car.

I got my plastic ID. (Less than a week after applying for it, actually.)

Had my birthday party with four out of five of my rl friends there. One slept over. I got over $100 in cash, and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

I can actually get that ocarina if I want, since I have over $100. OR I can get that chainmail I want, or I can get an N64 so I can borrow Ari's Ocarina of Time and play it. (All three of these will happen eventually.)

Cannot decide.

I also just downloaded three games' worth of Zelda music (Minish Cap, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time). So I am a pretty content geekazoid at the moment.

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So um yeah. Just got back from taking the AccuPlacer placement test at CCRI. According to the advisor, my scores were through the roof, and he'd never seen math scores as high as mine. (Seriously?)

I got put into the highest possible English course, and one of the higher math courses they offer. (And I'm just gonna CLEP my way out of the English anyway... [CLEP is College Level Examination Program; it means I can test out of courses.]) I'm also taking American Sign Language, French I (scheduling conflict), Foundations of Music (not that I need it, but hey, easy credit and I can keep myself occupied), and I wanted a drawing class at the Newport Art Museum but it's already full. Same with the Anatomy class I wanted to take. (The math's full too.)

It figures that the only courses in here that are actually relevant to my career plans are the ones that I can't get into.

And worse yet, I can't get onto the CCRI pipeline. I only know which classes are//are not full because my mom's checking for me on her account. So I can't apply until I go back.

Anyway, the meeting with the advisor went well; he had a great sense of humor, and he called me a "modern day Renaissance Woman", because I'm kind of a jack of all trades as far as my scores go, and music and art and martial arts on top of it. So I pretty much win.

But I may have to go back to Newport so I can get on the damn pipeline and register. Because CCRI's website is spitting back my information and saying NOPE sorry you don't exist.
Stupid intertubes.
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Okay, so everybody that took the time to read a couple of entries back knows I want piercings and tattoos.

I've decided I also want to become a tattoo artist and body piercer.
The thing is, I've done some research, and there are basically no classes to take for that. (Mom'll be pissed if I don't at least go to CCRI for a couple of years or something. Not that I don't intend to get my associate's degree.) You do an apprenticeship, usually for two years, you learn all you can, you do your thing from there.

There is one place (in Louisiana) where you can take classes. They insist that the (usually) two-year apprenticeship is unnecessary, that their two-week course on tattooing and three-day course on piercing is enough.
Bullshit, guys. I don't believe that for a second.

So the only place to take actual classes is basically a pompous bullshit school.

So this should be an interesting conversation to have with Mom.


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