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So okay. Had this badass dream. I was this firebender, and apparently I was good friends with the Gaang, but not a prominent friend, I guess. WAY more badass than what actually happened, IMHO.

(I wish I
remembered more of the beginning; all I know is that somewhere in the middle, Toph was basically cut in half. It was basically one big badass fight scene, followed by Toph getting cut in half and some firebender creepily closing in... yeah. It didn't look good.)

Here's what I do remember. )

Best dream ~ever~!
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There's something somewhat sad about the fact that I feel I need to make this, but there it is. It's gonna be a sticky post, and I'll add to it as I go. Hopefully.

1) Got up the figurative balls to quit my job when the conditions became unhealthy, even though my family were all telling me I should suck it up because I need the money.
2) Figured out my first steps toward going into Forensic Anthropology (likely a double major of Forensics and Anthropology, but that comes later). Changed my mind shortly thereafter; hoping to double-major in Psych and Bio or Chem, minor in Forensics (non-negotiable). Forensics is not a major; it is a minor. (So technically more steps figured out anyway.) Changed my mind again because I suck at Chemistry. Going with my fallback (which was only a fallback because it's an uncertain path) which is working with animals. Figured that out too.
3) Got a job as a groomer at PetCo~♥
4) Stopped going to the therapist that told me I had to buzz my hair and get rid of my jewelery to be a guy.
5) Found a decent one to replace her.
6) Mostly averted world War III (between my mother, my father, my sister, and my aunt)... or at least managed to be Switzerland.
7) Learning to draw different kinds of animals.
8) Figured out my 'sonas and a few other furry characters.
9) Improving my sculpting.
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Okay. I've decided that the names "Cain" (for my SP) and "Sebastian" (for my tablet) don't fit. Mostly because, you know, Cain is far too delicate for the hearty little box that shares his name, and Sebastian is much more versatile than my lovely little tablet (who has been PMSing, which a male demon butler would not do). Besides, they're from the Victorian era, and my electronics are certainly not.

So the SP is now Sephiroth, and the tablet Tifa (to also fit the naming theme I have).


Cloud = laptop.
Denzel = laptop fan (puns fully intended).

Tifa = tablet.
Yuffie = 8 GB flash drive.

Xemnas = old dead headphones.
Axel = old dead cell phone.

Zexion = camera.
Roxas = cell phone. (Yes he has Keyblades. Two of them.)

Zack = GameBoy Color. (I named it when I was like twelve, I didn't realize it would someday fit my naming theme.)
Aeris = pink GameBoy Advance I got from Caitlin.
Sephiroth = GameBoy Advance SP my Nana found.
Squall = Nintendo DS I purchased from a friend's little sister.

Angeal = portable CD player. (A bit beat-up, but a hearty little sucker.)
Kadaj = spiPod.
Yazoo = headphones (with interchangeable materia-- I mean colored coverplates.)

Umm, I think that's it for theme... just for kicks and giggles:

Shiro = my car (a white 1993 Mercury Villager).
Rosalinda = my acoustic guitar.

My keyboard thus far has rejected every name thrust upon it, so it does not yet have a name. It may end up being the new Sebastian, considering we know he plays piano, and is quite talented with... everything. Particularly music.

I do believe my keyboard just got a name.

By the way-- happy holidays.
("Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou Tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga Sono mune ni Todokimasu you ni" still won't fit in the song box.)


Sep. 13th, 2010 03:17 am
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Ohh man~

So okay. Start Friday.
Ash is here when I wake up. I expected that because of her flat tire; our neighbor//my godfather is a mechanic. So I talk to her for a little while. She's slightly miserable, some phlegm & throat thing (which I think I caught). Caitlin's Nana came to pick me up, we went to Cait's and sat for a little while and tried to figure out the bus schedule.
While we were sitting around, my two-thirds full Resident Evil water bottle (of root beer) tips over and leaks all over Cain, my GameBoy Advance SP. (Cain still has my Zelda game in it.) So I freak out, run to the kitchen and paper-towel him off. Turn it on. Okay, he's okaaaaaaa-- why is the screen going white?
So that upset me greatly. Caitlin then kindly offered her own (pink) GameBoy Advance to at least borrow until I beat the game (to which I am fairly close) because she never uses it, and is a nice person. If she doesn't want it back I'll just name it and put it aside, because I found out later that Cain is totally fine. No idea why he suddenly got better, but the screen works now, so no complaints.

I then spent the day walking around Newport with Caitlin. We split sushi for lunch, had Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and window shopped all day before and in between. She didn't kill me with too much religion or too much Evan, which are the only two things I ever really worry about with her.
We browsed at The Music Box, where I found a wig to point out to Yuki for her Grell costume. We browsed kinda everywhere, really, including the antique place... and I realized about halfway through this that all the historically uninteresting things that were still fascinating me were dishes and silverware. So, you know, not only am I a dork, but Sebastian really is a fitting character for me.

The sushi was amazing, in an adorable little sushi joint called Sumo Sushi. Seriously, this place was authentic. Sushi bar-- complete with the little hangy curtain-things-- classical Japanese music-- Japanese decorations-- and the barkeep (owner?) and waitress were both Asian.
And it was bloody cute.

Anyway, so after all this, Mum picked us up, brought us back to Cait's for my stuff//to drop her off. Gather my things, hug, head over to Staples to check out their selection of tablets. They had three: a Wacom touch tablet, a Wacom pen tablet, and one that basically combined both elements. I got the pen tablet for $70. (His name is Sebastian.)

Then I went to Yuki's Saturday afternoon, overnight. I spent the weekend kicking her arse at Super Smash Bros Brawl and loling at Tegaki E posts and showing her stuff from the top bunk. (That was kind of a big deal because she was sitting in a chair next to the bunk bed with Cloud in her lap, and I had Sebastian. I used him to move the cursor and showed her music and stuffs from her sister's bunk. Kind of awesome.)

So yeah, the end of the week was pretty good.

In other news, I finally listened to my sister and looked up some Puscifer. I effing love this song.

And a pair of my friends are trying desperately to get some pink into my wardrobe. I said they can try. (I then inadvertently got a pair of pink-accented undies, but that was totally unintentional; they're cute.)

I do so ♥ Sebastian.
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Gods, I'm really starting to hate CCRI.

Okay. You know how my schedule was so difficult to put together, and then I ended up with three classes? Yeah.
My "College Success" class was canceled, and I got a phone call. I didn't take it off the schedule, it was canceled anyway, I didn't care, I just dropped it.

Show up for class tonight. It starts at seven, I'm panicking. I'm fifteen minutes early. I boot up Cloud, I make sure he's all situated on Denzel, plugged in, no problem. Nobody else is there, but I figure I'm really early, it's okay.
Ten minutes pass.
Seven minutes pass.
I panic. I text my mom (still sitting downstairs because I was panicking).

"It's 7:02 and there's no one..."
She walks in and tells me we're going to Enrollment Services (aka Student Services). Go downstairs; it's closed. Panic some more.
Start theorizing: maybe they moved the class; maybe they canceled it; maybe maybe maybe.

We're walking out behind the Enrollment Services people. They're less than ten feet from the door, they hear me panicking and turn around and help me out. Yes, they canceled your class; they e-mailed your CCRI account, they don't have to call you, they didn't.

That CCRI account I couldn't log onto because it locked me out.

These two saints that work at Enrollment Services ended up resetting my account so I can log on now. (That "reset button" wasn't working all summer.) They also took my mom's picture for her Student ID (which she hasn't had for the first four-ish years she's been at CCRI).

Jane Gilman and Teri//Terry (really long last name starting with N) are bloody amazing, but gods I hate CCRI's protocol.
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Well, my father didn't do a damn thing. He didn't so much as pick Cloud up to try to help me. Everything I've done, I've done myself.

If you have Windows Defender on your computer, do yourself a favor and download AVG or Norton, then uninstall Windows Defender. It is completely useless, and the bloody thing is the first file to get infected by spyware if you head onto the wrong site. Norton//AVG are somewhat useful in that respect; no such problem.

My biggest problem is that it won't let me delete the damn program. I managed to move it to disable it, but it's sitting on my desktop, and I want to kill it. Unfortunately, it tells me that I need permission from the administrator account (mine) to delete it, and then it doesn't tell me how to get it.

Most annoying thing in the world.

But I have Cloud back and he's no longer sick. ★
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Well, it seems that Cloud caught a virus.

So now I can't open anything because Windows 7 locks everything down if you have a virus.

Dammit, Cloud. You need some of Aeris' Lifestream water.
Get rid of that Geostigma. basically we're stuck, and I won't be on until my father gets off his semi-useless lazy ass and fixes it.

noblescientist: (Cloud) soon.

I dropped the damn thing yesterday, and it hit the pavement and the pieces went flying. I put the battery back in the phone, and discovered half of Axel's screen is dead pixels.
So I can't read texts.

I'm currently transferring all the pictures I've taken onto Cloud through e-mail. While doing this, I discovered that I can still use the touch screen where all the dead pixels are-- I just have to know exactly what it is I'm pressing. Because the touch screen still works, I just can't see half of the info it's trying to give me.

Damn Axel and his secrecy.

EDIT (4 Aug 2010 3:53): Okay, so I went to the AT&T store today yesterday, and they're sending me a new phone. I kinda wanted one of the flip phones, because they're seldom fragile, but the phone was still under warranty since I've only had it for ten months, so they're sending me the same one for free (except for super-fast shipping).

Next time I can "upgrade"?
Screw the touch screen, I'm getting a flip phone.

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With my new laptop, I also decided to use a new Firefox skin.

Just wanted to share~
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I'm not quite over losing Ciel. That's gonna take a while.

However, I must say that I'm quite pleased with my new laptop, Cloud, on which I can now use the internet. (I have my antivirus software, so it's all good.)

I love the keyboard (most of what I was worried about, really, I'm quite picky with keyboards), the speakers are beastly, and Windows 7 doesn't suck as much as I expected. I still miss Windows XP, but 7 isn't so bad.

Off I go to try and cheer myself up some with the Kuroshitsuji OVA.


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