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I'm not quite over losing Ciel. That's gonna take a while.

However, I must say that I'm quite pleased with my new laptop, Cloud, on which I can now use the internet. (I have my antivirus software, so it's all good.)

I love the keyboard (most of what I was worried about, really, I'm quite picky with keyboards), the speakers are beastly, and Windows 7 doesn't suck as much as I expected. I still miss Windows XP, but 7 isn't so bad.

Off I go to try and cheer myself up some with the Kuroshitsuji OVA.
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Because, well, you know, I'm squeeing over fanfiction and my new laptop (charging at the moment, not in use), and I had a blast (as usual) at Yuki's the other night.

But I feel sick to my stomach, because I feel guilty for enjoying myself.
Because I'm downright depressed under all the squeeing.

Because my baby died.

I came downstairs Saturday at noon-ish, maybe a little before, got to the bottom of the stairs, and froze. All that came out of my suddenly dry mouth was, "Where's Ciel?"
Mom says, "He's gone. How long had it been since you spritzed him, or fed him? He was dry."

I have had been misting that tank every day, even when all my sources said only every other was necessary. I missed one day, which should have been fine, but evidently was not.
I fed him every time I saw a pillbug or a slug. I hadn't found any for two days, but he's only supposed to be fed every other day. So technically I wasn't even late, because I could not for the life of me find anything he would eat.

And I stormed back upstairs and refused to cry.

And then I went to Yuki's and enjoyed myself ignoring the world, as we usually do.
And now I feel guilty for it.
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I adopted a salamander~

He's adorable. He's about three inches long. He's a spotted salamander; dark brown with little yellow spots down his back.
I named him Ciel.

I found him in the woods with my friend Yuki. I carried him home (and we squeaked about how cute he is). I showed him to Mom and asked, mostly as a joke, "Can I keep him?"
And she said yes. And I decided that I was no longer joking.
So she took me to Wal-Mart and spent $15 on a little one-gallon tank (till he gets a bit bigger) and some food (reptile sticks, fish flakes, and blood worms [the latter two were mentioned in a salamander care site I visited within the first ten minutes of having Ciel home]) and a mist bottle so I can keep the little tank moist.

And he's quite photogenic, too. I've taken probably seven pictures of him, and in about half of them he's looking straight through the plastic wall at the camera.

And I've had a wicked craving for pizza lately, and guess what's for dinner?

I'm in a fabulous mood, thanks for asking~


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