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So, I've found out some very ugly things about the person I had thought-- mistakenly-- was my best friend. (This, of course, was after an insult that she may not think she gave me.)

I didn't really explain the initial insult, either. But I'm done caring if she sees.

The aforementioned insult. )
She then made it worse by calling me because she "just wanted to talk", followed closely by "by the way, can you take me to Dartmouth sometime soon so I can get my glasses fixed?" This was about a week and a half ago. So I met her at Empire Tea in Newport, and we stopped at the Mad Hatter bakery right down the street before leaving. She spent the entire time talking about how she was having mental issues with certain things with the boy, which are normal, healthy parts of a relationship. I spent the entire time listening and replying with variations on "that's healthy, you're in a relationship; that's part of being in a relationship", etc.
We went to Dartmouth. She got her glasses fixed. I went into FYE to browse. We went home. She continued talking about the boy. I continued not to talk much, and she didn't notice that I wasn't in a good mood.

If a middle school teacher can tell something's wrong after two minutes, a "best friend" should be able to tell after two hours.

And then she called again, a few days ago, "just [wanting] to talk" and "[needing] to see me", which was quickly followed by "by the way, do you mind picking up [the boy] from work?" I told her I had to talk to my mom about something (which I did) and told her I'd talk to her later. Mum got home kinda late-ish, and by the time I was done thinking about this bullshit, I had a headache, and I refuse to drive with a headache.


I found out today that she also tends to tell different people different stories, and I was never really getting the truth when she'd bitch to me about her boyfriend (now ex, obviously). And, as I suspected-- whether intentionally or not-- she was leading him on, just like this other creep that had a crush on her. (She refused to think that she was taking pity on him OR encouraging him when she went to a family wedding with him. As his date. So either she's clueless or she's a manipulative bitch, but I'm not ready to believe that second one.)

I'm done caring. I can't do this anymore. I don't think I care anymore that she'd be "devastated" to lose me as a friend. I can't handle her shit. She shattered my trust in her, and apparently she never trusted me as much as she said she did either. I'm done.
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I cannot for the life of me find any good Sherlock Holmes icons that I would use. I'll have to make one. I lied, found one.

Moving on.

My Sherlock kick has restarted. I was talking to Caitlin-- it began with discussing fandoms, then a certain online friend (
[ profile] makokitten) and her wonderful fanfiction and RPs, and I showed Caitlin the tumblr she and her RP partner have-- Text Messages from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, which is absolutely brilliant if you care to look (and laugh).

One of the questions in the aforementioned tumblr was the specific MBTI types of each character in Jungian psychology. (Take
the test yourself, if you so desire.) Having taken the test before, but not quite having recalled my results, Caitlin and I both took the time to complete the test. I got the result I'd thought I had originally: INTJ-- standing for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judgement-- fairly strong in all of the above-- evidently referred to in one of the descriptions as the "Mastermind". Caitlin was an ESFJ-- Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judgement-- weak in all but one category (I forget which) so I suppose she was more evenly matched out and was only just determined this type-- that is, exactly my opposite apart from in the judgement vs perceiving area-- referred to as the "Provider".
Back on the tumblr, the results for Sherlock and John, respectively, were INTJ and ISFJ. It was mentioned, too, that John's results back in uni were ESFJ. (Of course, these were determined by two fans, but if you look, they suit the characters perfectly; and besides, I have great faith in these two. They're amazing at keeping pretty much anybody in character during an RP, I'm certain 72 short questions would be a simple task.)

And it's odd, because every time Caitlin and I do some sort of RP or story, we end up with characters that sort of fit-- these two, personality-wise, actually fit rather well.

And now everybody that knows about all this blowing my mind is trying to convince me that yes, I am, in fact, as smart as Sherlock Holmes. I certainly appreciate the compliment, but I'm not sure I believe it. In fact, I'm fairly certain I don't.

Flattering to think, though, that I'm at least the same personality type as my childhood hero.
(Yep, you read that right. Some kids had Batman, some Superman, or Spiderman-- my hero was Sherlock Holmes. I have always been a complete nerd.)
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Yup, planning already. (Psh, we were planning before this year's was over!)

SO we-- meaning Caitlin, Tasha and I-- had been planning to do a Resident Evil group next year. I was going to go as Leon S Kennedy-- and possibly Albert Wesker on the Sunday--, Tasha would be Rebecca Chambers, because the character suits her so bloody well, and Caitlin said she might be our Claire Redfield.

Well, Tasha looked at Rebecca costumes, and decided it wouldn't be so great on her budget. (I guess the only one she found was over $100, and she wasn't too pleased with that price.)

So I suggested Rikku, from Final Fantasy X-2, which we've wanted to do for a while. (She's also in FFX, but Tasha wants to do the costume from X-2.) It's easy-- find a decent yellow bikini, we can make the skirt and sleeves, the pouches shouldn't be too hard either, and the scarf I might be able to either beg off my sister or find elsewhere. I told her we might have to compromise on the wig; if she can find one, I can play with it for a month or so and fix it to be Rikku-ish.)

So, because she's being Rikku, I'm being Yuna.
Now this is awesome for a bunch of different reasons: Firstly, I don't have to worry about sports bras or Ace wrap to hide my boobs-- YOU try being new at this and hiding D-cups for a cosplay!-- because I'm actually cosplaying as a GIRL. (And, being a video game girl, she has moderately sized boobies.)
Secondly, I can grow my hair out and not have to worry about 1) cutting it or 2) getting a wig and hiding my real hair under it. Because Yuna's hair is at least long enough for a ponytail.
I considered Paine a while ago, but I'm not comfortable with showing off that much of the sides of my legs, and I wanna grow my hair out. (See last couple of sentences.)

So I started looking for Yuna costumes. I found a few expensive ones that sucked, a few expensive ones that looked well-worth the price, a few cheap ones, and a couple of slightly-less-expensive ones that didn't totally suck, but were not ideal.
And then I found THIS.
Now what THIS is, is a very high-quality costume for FIFTY DOLLARS. Most of the time, that kind of thing goes for a good hundred more. (Needless to say I jacked Dad's PayPal-- with permission-- and told him I can pay him back immediately if he wants-- he said nothing of it, so I figure I'll pay him when the package is trackable or comes in.)

And then I called Ashley to check about the scarf, and she said she can probably do it as long as she can block the color rather than fading it. I don't think that will be an issue.
And then, once I sent her a few pictures of Rikku, she called back to tell me she has a skirt we might be able to work off of, so we won't have to make it. And judging by the pictures she sent me, it looks like a good start!

For a day that started out canceling our original plan, today is going pretty damn well :D
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Well, hm. This is the first time I've sat down with my computer since AB. So here it is:

Anime Boston 2011!!

Horrible start to the best day EVER.
[ profile] foxdemon123 and I woke up-- after not really quite sleeping-- at 4:30 in the freaking morning. I helped my Ciel with her hair before either of us got dressed (because we had to spray in the color and that would be DUMB once we did get dressed) and promptly got sick. Like, while we were spraying her hair I had to suck down half a Vitamin Water and some Wheat Thins-- which came back up shortly thereafter. So that sucked, a lot. Then I was okay and got my demonic butler on, and we left for Boston. (We both spent much of the car ride sleeping.)

Then once we got there, we split up-- as I was pre-registered and she had to register at the con-- and no more than thirty seconds after we've done so, I hear a girl squeal from the at-con registration line, "Sebastian!"
So I stopped. There was a girl standing there with a blue DS, and she asked (still kind of squealy) "Sebastian, can I take your picture?"
"Of course, Miss." And I smirked at her, she took my picture ("Thank you so much!!") and moved on to get my badge.

Had to wait two and a half hours for my young Earl once I got in because the bloody lines were so long, but I spent most of it taking pictures. Pretty boss costumes. (Oh yeah, and like five more pictures taken of me. Sebastian with a ponytail... oh yeah.)

Spent much of the day roaming the con, browsing in the Dealer's Room. I bought an adorable kitteh plush (because it was retardedly adorable and Sebastian loves kittehs). Also grabbed an Umbrella t-shirt, a Zelda t-shirt, a Byakuya plushie and a pair of tabi socks-- they were my colors, man, and they had lotus flowers on them-- before rushing off to grab tickets for the Melody Ball and going back to the room to NAP. (Because, you know, we'd gotten maybe an hour and a half of sleep on the way and we were both exhausted.)
So sleep.

And then we got dressed again-- my Ciel in her lovely blue ball gown-- met [ profile] makokitten for a short while around dinner (she's a boss. It's true), and went to the Melody Ball. We met a couple of
[ profile] foxdemon123's friends there, dressed as Selphie Tilmitt, Rinoa Heartilly, and (I don't remember who the last character was) from Final Fantasy VIII. They played some interesting music-- there was a string quartet playing classical music, and string versions of anime and video game music-- and then they started playing some other stuff that was actually from anime and games, and some Disney stuff. (That was amusing, because there was a Belle there, and they played Beauty and the Beast.) They also played The Tango Maureen, which was a surprise. Ciel and I faked the waltz a few times, and then I danced with Selphie (odd pair, Sebastian and Selphie, but who am I to refuse a lady a dance?)
Then the ladies mentioned that they were going to a concert, and so would not be staying the entire dance. (After this, Ciel was asked to dance and went off to do so.)

So after the Melody Ball, we went off to see what was still open (not much) and passed by a concert. And then promptly turned around and went in. The opening band-- I wish we'd been there at the beginning to catch the band name-- kicked ass. They were like a combination of old AFI, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Guns 'N' Roses. They were awesome.
And then on came Girugamesh.
Let me tell you, they were pretty fuckin' awesome. I'm not even sure I can describe how awesome they were. And then there was this:
(That's the bassist, by the way, Shuu.) was pretty funny.

So, my first concert, EVER, a J-Rock concert, which was free. (No admission fee for us AB nerds! ♥)

And then we went back to the room and crashed around midnight.

Best day EVER.

8:00 in the morning. My phone goes off: "The flinch in your eyes calls your bluff//Feel free to die when you've had enough//Useless cause is breaking your back//Your life will end when you attack--"
And it's
[ profile] spiritofanangel, telling us she's here, she's in the registration line, et cetera.
I dropped back into bed for half an hour. And then she called again, saying she's out of the registration line. I said we'd meet her down at Dunkie's in about five minutes. We did so, got our respective breakfasts, and off to the con we went. After some confusion about her transportation home, we sorted it out and she got a pair of steampunky goggles for a souvenir. (I bought a Moogle and a magnet that says "My zombies ate your honor student".)
EDIT: I also bought my sister a Cthulhu and a magnet that says "Cthulhu made me do it." And can add that safely now that  she has them and is enjoying them.

And then we stopped in at the Manga Library and I re-read Angel Sanctuary volumes 1 & 2. Tasha (Ciel) got through-- surprise, surprise-- Black Butler volume 1. (Not sure if she had anything else. Cait had a couple of yaoi mangas.)

Somewhere in there, we decided we'd go to the rave-- excuse me, "Informal Dance"-- that night. We would have dinner, grab a couple of finger lights from the Dealer's Room, and go rave. (Unfortunately, the Dealer's Room was already closed for the night.)

On the way to dinner, we got caught in a Friendship Train. It was pretty boss-- it spanned an escalator, with enough people on either end to fill a second. We went from the bottom floor up to the third (where a guard reminded us "NO CONGA LINES!") and then back down to the first before breaking up into a giant group around the leader. He gave an amusing little speech-- "They may be able to break up our Friendship Train, but they can't break our Friendship! Love and Peace! Love and Peace!"
(In case you're not aware, that "Love and Peace!" thing is a Trigun reference: it's one of Vash's catchlines. I kind of hate that show, but it was an amusing reference nonetheless.)

So we had dinner (I split a Pizzeria Regina slice of pepperoni with
[ profile] foxdemon123), and rave we did. It was awesome. (I got a couple of glow stick bracelets and found four of the phial-shaped glow sticks.
And my shirt kept coming unbuttoned. (I'd discarded my vest, tie, and tailcoat, and intentionally unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt.) So I ignored it and tied the bottom in place instead. (I felt slightly like a whore, but I wasn't too hot anymore. Besides, there were people there in much less.)

And then we went home. (Once again, I was dead out for two-thirds of the car ride.) I got in at 1:36, dropped my stuff, showered, and dropped into bed and died till 12:40 that afternoon.

Overall, a pretty kickass weekend. (Photos will be posted soonish.)

It would have been even better if I hadn't lost my voice.


Sep. 13th, 2010 03:17 am
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Ohh man~

So okay. Start Friday.
Ash is here when I wake up. I expected that because of her flat tire; our neighbor//my godfather is a mechanic. So I talk to her for a little while. She's slightly miserable, some phlegm & throat thing (which I think I caught). Caitlin's Nana came to pick me up, we went to Cait's and sat for a little while and tried to figure out the bus schedule.
While we were sitting around, my two-thirds full Resident Evil water bottle (of root beer) tips over and leaks all over Cain, my GameBoy Advance SP. (Cain still has my Zelda game in it.) So I freak out, run to the kitchen and paper-towel him off. Turn it on. Okay, he's okaaaaaaa-- why is the screen going white?
So that upset me greatly. Caitlin then kindly offered her own (pink) GameBoy Advance to at least borrow until I beat the game (to which I am fairly close) because she never uses it, and is a nice person. If she doesn't want it back I'll just name it and put it aside, because I found out later that Cain is totally fine. No idea why he suddenly got better, but the screen works now, so no complaints.

I then spent the day walking around Newport with Caitlin. We split sushi for lunch, had Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and window shopped all day before and in between. She didn't kill me with too much religion or too much Evan, which are the only two things I ever really worry about with her.
We browsed at The Music Box, where I found a wig to point out to Yuki for her Grell costume. We browsed kinda everywhere, really, including the antique place... and I realized about halfway through this that all the historically uninteresting things that were still fascinating me were dishes and silverware. So, you know, not only am I a dork, but Sebastian really is a fitting character for me.

The sushi was amazing, in an adorable little sushi joint called Sumo Sushi. Seriously, this place was authentic. Sushi bar-- complete with the little hangy curtain-things-- classical Japanese music-- Japanese decorations-- and the barkeep (owner?) and waitress were both Asian.
And it was bloody cute.

Anyway, so after all this, Mum picked us up, brought us back to Cait's for my stuff//to drop her off. Gather my things, hug, head over to Staples to check out their selection of tablets. They had three: a Wacom touch tablet, a Wacom pen tablet, and one that basically combined both elements. I got the pen tablet for $70. (His name is Sebastian.)

Then I went to Yuki's Saturday afternoon, overnight. I spent the weekend kicking her arse at Super Smash Bros Brawl and loling at Tegaki E posts and showing her stuff from the top bunk. (That was kind of a big deal because she was sitting in a chair next to the bunk bed with Cloud in her lap, and I had Sebastian. I used him to move the cursor and showed her music and stuffs from her sister's bunk. Kind of awesome.)

So yeah, the end of the week was pretty good.

In other news, I finally listened to my sister and looked up some Puscifer. I effing love this song.

And a pair of my friends are trying desperately to get some pink into my wardrobe. I said they can try. (I then inadvertently got a pair of pink-accented undies, but that was totally unintentional; they're cute.)

I do so ♥ Sebastian.


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