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Well, I was going to blog the night before last, which was my last sleepless night... but livejournal didn't work all night. Consistently.

Hoping tonight's different, because my brain's in hyperdrive and I know I won't be sleeping. Which isn't good, because this is only one night of sleep in between these two, but I can't really control this. I also know I'm going to be doing things all night, because that final episode of Sherlock is gonna keep me going (creatively, at least) for days.

I've also got an "experience" I've got to get down on proverbial paper, because I just need to get it out, but that's for later.

If I were a smoker, this would be a time when I would probably be doing so. (Not sure exactly where that came from, but it's the truth.)

PS: Debating making a tumblr. No idea who'd follow it though. I know a few I'd follow though. I've got probably six tabs' worth of h3rring open right now anyway... [/totally not stalking Texts!Sherlock]
I'll figure it out. Have to figure out how to make it not-boring.


Jan. 4th, 2012 11:52 pm
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Impending analysis of Sherlock and//or sociopathy, etc etc.

I don't promise it will be interesting, but it's the most sensible of what's been going through my head. [plenty of traffic in here as usual]
[it's a wonder Ailill doesn't get lost]
[then again he is an elf]

(Also, ignore that. Testing out formats for future reference.)
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I'll be blogging tomorrow when I can think. Right now I have six super highways in my head, as a speech pathologist at my elementary school once put it, all going at once in high, high traffic and only one exit-- my mouth, as she meant it, but not in this case-- in this case, my hands.

I think this will be an all-nighter.

I also think that card I've had conceptualised for ages may finally get done tonight; I just have to migrate myself, my laptop and my drawing things to my room so I can concentrate.

And pyjamas. This skirt is starting to get on my nerves.


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