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This is why.

See, as I'm on my way to the library, which is where I am now, Yuki's little sister Heather catches up to me.
"Hey you," I say to her by way of greeting.
"Hey." She asks, "Where you going?"
"Library. Why, where are you supposed to be?"
"Literacy. But I'm late, and she closed the door."
"Ah." I ponder this for a moment. "Come into the library, take out a book, and ask for a pass there."

She did. It worked. The fire alarm rang not a minute later.
I found Tasha on the way out, and prefaced my story with "I am a terrible, terrible influence." 
I spotted Arianne and said, "Hey Ari, I'm a terrible, terrible influence, come listen to why!"
I told them my story and they praised my quick thinking. I then said, "But see, I am a terrible, terrible influence."
Arianne, also thinking quickly, says, "Yes, but on the other side, you're a sage."

Kinda made my day a little.


May. 4th, 2010 08:35 am
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Well, here's the deal. My buddy Ari and I hung out yesterday, and she's got what her mom calls a 'destructive spring fever'. Because she spontaneously wants piercings and tattoos and nothing terribly good for you, though not, in my opinion, necessarily destructive.

Um. 'Kay. I'm getting a tattoo when I turn 18, I'm getting piercings, and I'm changing my name. As soon as I have the cash.
  1. I will be Bianca Eva Strife.
  2. I will be getting a lily of the valley tattooed on the left side of my chest.
  3. I will be getting my left eyebrow pierced.
  4. I might get my lip pierced (if so, it'll be off to the right side. One snakebite).
  5. I intend to get more tattoos after this, including a friendship one with all my most important friends (or at least tattoos that represent them).
  6. I might get my nipples pierced. (EDIT: I've made up my mind, I'm getting them done.)
Arianne's plans?
  1. Cleavage piercing.
  2. Tattoos.
  3. Maybe a lip piercing.
So no, Mrs Telles, I don't think her 'spring fever' is destructive, though it is (mostly) somewhat spontaneous.

And even though my mood is rather quixotic, I'm totally serious about this.

I'm shocked I could fit both those songs in the music box. (The second one means "On My Pride as a Quincy!")


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