Mar. 25th, 2013

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So yeah, now that I have no local friends to trust, I've mostly turned into a hermit because I hate going out alone if I'm going more than like four miles. I don't care about driving alone, that's fine. Hell, it's better, because that way I can sing and I don't have to worry about awkward silences if I don't.

It's if I'm going to a mall or something. Or a doctor's office, but I get nervous at doctor's offices with or without someone with me. (It just sucks a little bit less if I've got someone with me.)

But anyway, if I have to go somewhere for whatever reason, I end up getting nervous. If I get nervous, I get fidgety. Fidgety has started to translate into "scratching one specific square inch on the back of my left hand", which means I now have a red scratchy mess there, because I also do it before job interviews when I get nervous, or at school if I'm not typing notes or doing a lab.

That's a problem if I need to go do something, which happens often enough, because being home all the damn time sucks. So I go somewhere. And it only helps because I'm not home, but then it sucks because I'm in public, surrounded by people.

Talk about a catch-22.


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